Legal support to joint operations (JDP 3-46)

JDP 3-46 explains to the operational commander how their legal adviser can support them, and to the lawyer what the commander expects of them.



The MOD’s think tank, the Development Concepts and Doctrine Centre has just released Joint Doctrine Publication (JDP) 3-46, Legal Support to Joint Operations (third edition).

It contains an introduction to the multiplicity of legal issues associated with military operations; the ways in which the legal adviser participates in the planning and execution of operations; and the working relationship between the commander and the lawyer.

JDP 3-46 is primarily aimed at commanders and lawyers at the joint operational level but has wider relevance to those working at lower levels, in single-Service environments, in other government departments or in non-governmental contexts.

JDP 3-46 will be made available through the DCDC webpage on GOV.UK as well as through the DCDC intranet page and the DCDC section of Defence Gateway (outside MODNET).

Published 1 August 2010
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  1. Updated JDP 3-46 Legal Support to Joint Operations with the third edition.

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