Personnel support for joint operations (JDP 1-05)

Joint Doctrine Publication (JDP) 1-05 covers personnel support from a cross-service perspective.



People are fundamental to fighting power and this is enabled during operations through personnel support.

Joint Doctrine Publication (JDP) 1-05, Personnel support for joint operations (Second edition) covers personnel support from a joint perspective and recognises that personnel support, although coordinated by the Joint Task Force Headquarters and normally carried out by the Joint Force Logistic Component or National Support Element, is largely delivered by the front line commands. JDP 1-05 guides operational commanders and planning staff in understanding joint personnel support for those personnel deployed on operations.

JDP 1-05 describes personnel support at the strategic, operational and tactical levels, outlining why a joint personnel support framework is needed and how it is employed. JDP 1-05 acknowledges a whole force approach and outlines the responsibilities of commanders and the joint operational staff towards supporting personnel deployed on operations. Where appropriate, JDP 1-05 provides a link to the relevant specialist Joint Service Publication. By providing generic templates in the supporting functions and planning chapters, it provides a framework for further specialist input.