Contractor Flying Approved Organization Scheme (CFAOS)

Information about the Military Aviation Authority (MAA) contractor Flying Approved Organization Scheme (CFAOS).


CFAOS frequently asked questions (FAQs)

Guidance for CFAOS application

CFAOS compliance matrix

CFAOS form 2

CFAOS form 4

CFAOS operations manual template

CFAOS contractor flying organisation exposition (CFOE) template


The Contractor Flying Approved Organizations Scheme (CFAOS) is the mechanism by which competence of defence contractor flying organisations is assured in accordance with Regulatory Article (RA) 1028.

A defence contractor flying organisations should be an approved organisation in accordance with RA 2501.

Please note: any specimen documents prepared by the MAA are for the guidance of those organisations applying for the Contractor Flying Approved Organizations Scheme (CFAOS). It is the applicant organisations responsibility to ensure evidence submitted in support of their application is to the latest MAA Regulatory Publication.

A list of Approved Organisations within the scheme can be found here.

For further information please contact the CFAOS team:

MAA Oversight and Approvals
Juniper 0 # 5004
Abbey Wood North
BS34 8QW


Published 19 November 2014
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  1. CFAOS operations manual and CFAOS compliance matrix have been updated.
  2. CFAOS Operations Manual updated.
  3. Updated attachments: CFAOS operations manual, Guidance for CFAOS application, CFAOS Compliance Matrix, CFAOS FAQs, CFAOS Template, CFAOS Form 2 and CFAOS Form 4
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  12. The CFAOS compliance matrix, guidance for CFAOS application, CFAOS CFOE template, CFAOS operations manual template and CFAOS FAQ have been updated.
  13. CFAOS compliance matrix and CFAOS operations manual template updated.
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