Waste and recycling

Supporting detail:

Recycling and waste collection from households

Waste collection

We’re working with local councils to:

  • increase the frequency and quality of rubbish collections
  • make it easier to recycle

Through the Weekly Collection Support Scheme, we’re offering funding to councils to encourage them to find ways to improve:

  • weekly collections
  • environmental benefits
  • use of innovative ideas or technology that help residents to recycle more

Removing centrally imposed recycling targets

We’ve removed centrally imposed recycling targets. This will allow councils to act on their own local priorities, while also improving recycling rates.

Rewarding good waste management

We are encouraging councils to reward people who reduce, recycle or re-use their waste.

We made up to £1million of funding available in 2012/13 to local authorities and community organisations under the Household Reward and Recognition Scheme.

Stopping unfair penalties

We’re changing the law to stop householders facing criminal convictions for the way they put out their waste for collection. As an interim measure, we have reduced the maximum level of fines to a fairer level.

The next step will be to abolish the criminal offence. We also plan to put in place a ‘harm to local amenity test’ to ensure that only those whose actions cause a nuisance for their neighbours are penalised. We intend to use the Cabinet Office Deregulation Bill to introduce this fairer system.