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The Military Aviation Authority is an independent organisation responsible for regulating air safety across defence.

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On 25th May 2018 the General Data Protection Regulation came into effect and MOD, including the MAA, are required to comply with its requirements. The standards which individuals can expect when we ask for, hold or share their personal information are contained in the MOD Personal Information Charter. Our lawful basis for processing any personal data is that it is necessary for the performance of our task as the Military Aviation Authority for the Defence Aviation Environment including our regulatory responsibilities which we carry out in the public interest, in the exercise of official authority vested in the MAA or to comply with legal obligations to which we are subject.

What we do

Part of the Defence Safety Authority (DSA), the MAA is an independent organisation responsible for the regulation, surveillance, inspection and assurance of the defence air operating and technical domains. It ensures the safe design and use of military air systems.


To enhance the delivery of operational capability through the continual improvement in military air safety, appropriate culture, regulation and practice.


To be a world class military air safety regulatory and assurance organization that is proactive, innovative, modern, efficient and effective.

Who we are

As the single regulatory authority responsible for regulating all aspects of air safety across defence, the MAA has full oversight of all defence aviation activity. Through independent audit and continuous surveillance of military aviation, the MAA aims to provide the Secretary of State for Defence (SofS), through Director General DSA (DG DSA), the necessary assurance that appropriate standards of air safety are maintained in providing operational capability.

The DSA was established by Charter, signed by SofS, to be responsible for all defence safety regulators. The MAA draws the authority to discharge its regulatory role by a Letter of Delegation issued by DG DSA. DG DSA is the primary convening authority for all safety related accidents.

Our management

The MAA is led by a 2* Director (D MAA). D MAA is supported by a 2* Director (Technical), and they collectively form the MAA Executive.

The organisation consists of the following areas:

  • regulatory services delivery groups provide end-to-end regulations and certification, and oversight and approvals across the defence air environment
  • a centralised analysis and planning group sets out the high level policy and conducts strategic surveillance to form the 5 year strategic plan; the group uses evidence from assurance visits, Service Inquiries and ASIMS, to set out a risk based operational delivery plan that provides both the in-year and strategic objectives
  • the enabling services function provides a range of support services to the MAA; it comprises a number of smaller, interlinked teams:

    • business plans and finance
    • secretariat and communications
    • legal services
    • skills, training and talent sustainment (who support the governance and outputs of the MAA)

The MAA was established in response to the recommendations made by Mr Justice Haddon-Cave in his Nimrod Review, which called for a radical overhaul of military airworthiness regulation.

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