Our governance

The MAA operates a number of high level meetings, providing the organisation with a strong governance structure.

  • MAA Executive Board (MEB)

The MEB is the MAA’s top level formal governance mechanism. It sets strategic direction and policy and is the endorsing body for significant regulatory change. The MEB provides strategic direction to the development and activities of the MAA, in accordance with the authority’s high level statement, vision and mission.

Chaired by Director MAA, the MEB membership comprises the MAA’s Director (Technical) and 1* Directorate Heads. The Board meets on a quarterly basis.

  • MAA Operators’ Council (MOC)

The MOC is the MAA’s highest level consultative body. It facilitates senior stakeholder engagement on air safety regulation, policy and standards; highlighting any enterprise level air safety risks and considering potential means of their mitigation. The MOC aims to enhance defence understanding of the risk to life being carried at the aviation Operational Duty Holder (ODH) level and above.

Chaired by Director MAA, MOC membership comprises representatives from across defence aviation. The Council meets tri-annually.

  • Joint Air Safety Committee (JASC)

The JASC supports and informs the MEB on military air safety issues through consultation with the aerospace industry. It is supported by advisory groups (AGs) established to cover specific areas of military air safety regulation.

Chaired by the MAA’s Director (Technical), JASC membership comprises the chairs of the MAA advisory groups, representatives from the aerospace industry (principally the aerospace, defence and security industry grouping), the CAA and, recognising its role as the principal MOD contracting body with industry, DE&S. Director MAA attends as appropriate. The committee meets bi-annually

The MAA governance structure (PDF, 24.3KB, 1 page) document provides a chart diagram.

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