Defence Safety Authority

The Defence Safety Authority (DSA) is responsible for the regulation of defence health, safety and environmental protection.


DSA provides independent advice to the Secretary of State on Health, Safety and Environmental Protection (HS&EP) policy in defence and evidence based assurance that the policy is being promoted and implemented in the conduct of defence activities. It owns and directs the activities of defence’s independent accident investigation teams.

The DSA brings together the Defence Safety and Environment Authority (DSEA), the Military Aviation Authority (MAA) and the newly established Defence Fire Safety Regulator (DFSR) to form an independent authority that provides defence with a single, independent, focus for safety and environmental protection. The DSA regulates all areas of defence where we have exemptions from legislation. These exemptions exist because of the particular needs of defence and cover areas such as nuclear, aviation, maritime, explosives and ordnance, and fuels and gases.

The Secretary of State’s health, safety and environmental protection policy statement requires that MOD complies with the law where we are subject to it, and that where we have exemptions we should produce internal regulations that produce outcomes that are, so far as reasonably practical, at least as good as those required by legislation; in addition to regulation, the DSA is responsible for overarching safety and environmental protection policy and will carry out high level assurance to establish whether top level budget organisations and trading fund agencies are complying with the requirements of legislation, as well as internal regulation, in accordance with the Secretary of State’s policy statement.

Defence Safety Authority charter (PDF, 379KB)


Demonstrably safe, environmentally sound, effective and available defence capability.


To provide independent assurance to the Secretary of State that his policy on safety (including health and environmental protection) in defence is being promoted and implemented in the conduct of defence activities.

Our management

The 3 star Director General of the DSA is Air Marshal Dick Garwood CB CBE DFC MA RAF. His deputy (Director DSA) is Chris Baker.

Our team

A more detailed description of the team functions can be found in the Defence Safety Authority team document (PDF, 62.2KB) .

Arranged alphabetically:

  • Defence Accident Investigation Branch (Defence AIB)
  • Defence Fire Safety Regulator (DFSR)
  • Defence Land Systems Safety Regulator (DLSR)
  • Land Systems Safety Regulator (LSSR)
  • Defence Movement and Transport Safety Regulator (MTSR)
  • Defence Fuel and Gas Safety Regulator (FGSR)
  • Defence Maritime Regulator (DMR)
  • Defence Nuclear Safety Regulator (DNSR)
  • Defence Ordnance, Munitions and Explosives Safety Regulator (DOSR)
  • Military Aviation Authority (MAA)
  • Corporate Policy and Assurance (CPA)

Our publications

Arranged numerically:

Annual assurance reports

Contact us

Director General DSA and HQ staff

1st Floor, Zone 6-L
Main Building

Enquiries from the general public and Freedom of Information (FOI) requests

DSA Secretariat
#5102 Juniper Building
MOD Abbey Wood (North)
BS34 8QW


Enquiries from the regulated community

Corporate Policy and Assurance (CPA) for enquiries relating to JSP 375, JSP 392, JSP 418 and JSP 815 Email:
Defence Fire Safety Regulator (DFSR) Email:
Defence Land Safety Regulator (DLSR) Email:
Defence Maritime Regulator (DMR) Email:
Defence Nuclear Safety Regulator (DNSR) Email:
Defence Ordnance Munitions and Explosives (OME) Safety Regulator (DOSR) Email:
Military Aviation Authority (MAA) Email: