BowTie in the defence air environment

BowTie is widely used across the defence air environment (DAE) as a tool for risk management, with the MAA providing support to all DAE users.



BowTie is a risk assessment and recording system comprising of 2 elements:

  • BowTieXP
  • BowTieServer

BowTieXP is a desktop client that can be ordered from the defence digital service catalogue and is used to create and edit BowTie diagrams.

BowTieServer is a cloud-based storage environment with a webpage front end and is provided by the DSA. It is used by the aviation duty holder chain as a repository for BowTie diagrams. BowTieServer accounts are for users that require read only access, or only need to review BowTie not edit them.

Published 2 December 2014
Last updated 1 May 2024 + show all updates
  1. BowTie in the defence air environment page information updated.

  2. Two new diagrams have been added for the Controlled flight into terrain (CFIT) bow tie, and a new one for the Runway incursion bow tie. A brand new bow tie for Runway Excursion has been added.

  3. Series 4: Runway incursion bowtie has been added

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