MAA Recognition

This process is used to evaluate other military regulators and assess the potential to use their airworthiness artefacts in Military Aviation Authority processes.


MAA recognised military regulators


Recognition is the process used to provide a structured evidence base to support a judgement on the extent to which another military regulator’s technical airworthiness activities or artefacts would be acceptable to the MAA as evidence in the MAA Certification or Organisational Approvals processes. Recognition, however, does not mean that the work of another military regulator can be taken at face value, their work must still be understood and assessed by the relevant DE&S Project Team, in consultation with the MAA, with any residual risks identified and sentenced.

Further details

The process for gaining recognition between the military regulators of the European Defence Agency (EDA) nations revolves around the completion and analysis of the Military Authorities’ Recognition Questionset (MARQ) which are contained in the European Military Airworthiness Document Recognition (EMAD R).

Completion of the MARQ, which themselves are based on the safety goals from ICAO Doc 9760 (Airworthiness Manual), enable assessment of the scope of another military regulator’s responsibilities (including regulations) in the following areas:

  1. general functions of an airworthiness authority
  2. airworthiness inspection regulations
  3. production oversight regulations
  4. aircraft certification regulations

The EMAD R process can also be used by non-EDA military regulators and, in addition, an Air and Space Interoperability Council (ASIC) Air-Standard for recognition, based on the EMAD R, is also being developed for use between AUS / CAN / UK / US / NZ.

Military regulators can decide to conduct Recognition on a one-way or a two-way (mutual) basis, depending on the business need of the nations involved.

The EDA EMAD R document that contains the process the MAA use for recognition can be found here.

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