Statistics at DCMS

Details of statistics produced by and for DCMS.

We produce a small set of official statistics outputs. Much of the research and statistics relevant to our areas of responsibility is produced outside the department - see research links.

Other statistics are available, covering the areas of:

How we produce statistics

Our statement of compliance gives details of our policies and strategies that ensure that we are fully compliant with the UK Statistics Authority Code of Practice for Official statistics (2009). These include our policies on revisions, data management, user engagement and complaints.

DCMS Statement of Compliance (PDF, 219KB, 20 pages)

The DCMS Statement of Administrative Sources lists the administrative/management sources that are being used or potentially could be used in the future in the production of official statistics:

DCMS Statement of Administrative Sources (PDF, 62.4KB, 4 pages)

DCMS Statement of Administrative Sources (MS Excel Spreadsheet, 28.5KB)

Our plans to develop our administrative sources are outlined in the document below.

DCMS Plan to Develop Administrative Data Sources (PDF, 72.4KB, 3 pages)

The work plan for the year April 2014 – March 2015 has been developed to meet the needs of users of our statistics and services, including DCMS policy and analysis colleagues, other Government Departments, ALBs and wider users.

DCMS Statistical Work Plan 2014/15 (PDF, 328KB, 6 pages)

The out turn for the year April 2013 – March 2014 reports on progress by identifying what was achieved for each item in the work plan published in 2013 and any major additional areas of work.

DCMS Statistical Work Plan 2013/14 - outturn (PDF, 334KB, 8 pages)

UK statistics authority assessment

On 1 March 2012 the UK Statistics Authority published its assessment of DCMS as a producer of Official Statistics. The Authority assesses DCMS against the Code of Practice for Official Statistics.

You can view the assessment report on the UK Statistics Authority website (PDF, 76kb). The main focus of the report is on the Taking Part survey, but the Authority also comments more widely on DCMS as a producer of Official Statistics.

The Taking Part Survey currently complies with the Code of Practice for Official Statistics including maintaining integrity, impartiality, quality and good user engagement, as well as following correct publication procedures.

We are pleased that the Taking Part survey has retained ‘National Statistics’ status following this assessment, subject to implementation of the recommendations outlined in the report.

The assessment highlights examples of current good practice by DCMS and also indicates a number of areas for improvement and for tightening up procedures.

We welcome the assessment, and we are developing an implementation plan in collaboration with stakeholders to take forward its recommendations.

Producer of National Statistics

On 12 February 2013 the Board of the Statistics Authority passed DCMS as a producer of National Statistics and has confirmed the designation of Taking Part outputs as National Statistics.

This was the first time that DCMS statistics had been assessed and the statistical team has run a dedicated programme of substantial improvements over the last year to meet the requirements of the assessment.

We are extremely pleased that the Taking Part survey has retained National Statistics status and that DCMS is considered a trusted producer of National Statistics.

Assessment of statistics on culture, leisure and sport (PDF, 42.3KB, 2 pages)