Our governance

CMA board

The CMA board will:

  • ensure that the CMA fulfils its statutory duties and functions and that the principles of good corporate governance are observed
  • establish the overall strategic direction of the CMA fits within the policy framework laid down under the ERR Act 2013
  • have regard to any opinions and reports of the CMA Accounting Officer and ensure that the CMA makes appropriate use of public funds

The board is also responsible for:

  • deciding to publish a market study notice and whether to refer a market for a phase 2 investigation
  • proposals for the annual plan and consultation on the proposals
  • the annual performance and concurrency reports
  • making rules of procedure for merger reference groups, market reference groups, and special reference groups.

You can find more detail in The CMA board: rules of procedure.

The board consists of:

Dr Mike Walker (Chief Economic Adviser) and Sarah Cardell (General Counsel) attend meetings and provide advice to the Board.

CMA panel

Members are appointed to the CMA panel by the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills for up to 8 years. They are appointed through open competition for their experience, ability and diversity of skills in competition economics, law, finance and business.

The Secretary of State for Business Innovation and Skills has designated a Chair of the CMA Panel and Deputy Chairs of the CMA Panel who are known as ‘Inquiry Chairs’ when they chair merger and market inquiries referred for phase 2 investigation by the CMA board, and regulatory appeals in relation to price controls, terms of licences or other regulatory arrangements.

More information about each of the members is available in the panel member biographies and disclosures of interest.

The CMA also has a code of conduct for panel members that sets out their general obligations.

Panel Chair and Inquiry Chair

Inquiry Chairs

Panel members

For any queries regarding the panel members, please email panel.members@cma.gov.uk.

Decisions on phase 2 markets and mergers work are taken by independent groups of panel members. Each group has at least 3 members and is led by a chairman.

The board’s oversight role does not extend into the substance of decisions by groups on phase 2 work. The groups make their decisions independently of the board. The board is kept informed about resourcing, efficiency, the application of CMA policy and the staff processes that support the work of the panel.

CMA committees

Board sub-committees

Executive Committees

CMA directorates


Executive Director Michael Grenfell
Senior Director Cartels vacant
Senior Director Antitrust Ann Pope
Senior Director Consumer Protection George Lusty
Senior Director State Aid vacant
Interim Director State Aid Juliette Enser

Markets and Mergers

Executive Director Andrea Gomes da Silva
Senior Director Markets Daniel Gordon
Senior Director Mergers Colin Raftery
Senior Director Remedies, Business and Financial Analysis Adam Land
Director Mergers Andrew Wright
Directors Sector Regulation Sharon Horwitz, James Lambert
General Counsel Sara Cardell
Senior Legal Director Cartels and Consumer Protection Stephen Blake
Senior Legal Director Mergers, Markets and Sector Regulation Chris Prevett
Senior Legal Director Competition Enforcement Claudia Berg
Directors Litigation Simon Jones, Jessica Radke

Office of the Chief Economic Adviser

Chief Economic Adviser Mike Walker
Deputy Chief Economic Adviser Julie Bon

Corporate Services

Executive Director Erik Wilson
Senior Director of People, Capability and Culture Lucy Robbins
Director Governance and Performance Kate Bridge
Director Commercial and Contract Management Rebecca Lawrence
Director of Property Transformation Nigel Bunclark
Director of Finance and Security Paul Ellis
Director Strategy, Communications and Devolved Nations Paul Latham
Director UK Nations, Director Scotland Sheila Scobie
Director Technology and Business Services Phil Urquhart