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Foreign Secretary attends August 2018 Gymnich in Vienna

Jeremy Hunt attended the informal meeting of EU foreign ministers to discuss issues including Iran, Syria and the future of the transatlantic partnership.


Speaking at the Gymnich doorstep in Vienna, the Foreign Secretary said:

I have come here to Vienna because although the UK is leaving the European Union there are a huge number of issues all over the world where we work very closely together with our European partners whether it is stopping the proliferation of nuclear weapons, whether it’s climate change, whether it’s the difficult situation in Yemen, Syria, Burma across the world.

There is a huge amount that we have in common and many, many things to discuss. Of course, Brexit will come up, not as one of the main topics of discussion but our priority here is to make sure that there is political will on all sides. We believe it is possible to come to an agreement, we think that is in the interests of the EU as well as the UK but it’s going to need a huge amount of effort in the weeks that we have now left to us.

And then the other the other thing that we will be discussing in a lot of detail is the transatlantic relationship. In the UK we believe that we have prospered in Europe with unprecedented peace, economic prosperity because there has been a strong friendship and relationship between the United States and Europe. And of course there are going to be times when we disagree but I think now is a time when we should remember all the things which we have in common with the United States and make sure that we continue that a strong transatlantic partnership.

Gymnich: EU Foreign Affairs Council

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Published 30 August 2018