Social housing sales (including Right to Buy and transfers)

This collection brings together all documents relating to social housing sales (including Right to Buy and transfers).

This collection provides data related to sales of local authority dwellings and some summary information on sales of Registered Provider stock (previously known as Registered Social Landlords or housing associations). See further details on sales by registered providers

Social housing sales include sales under the Right to Buy, Preserved Right to Buy, Right to Acquire, Social HomeBuy, other outright or shared equity sales to tenants, and sales of existing stock to the private sector.

The figures exclude sales through low cost home ownership schemes where these do not relate to existing social stock, i.e. sales of newly built homes for shared ownership or acquisitions of private sector homes for affordable home ownership. Figures on Right to Buy sales also include the number of applications, related selling price and discount information.

Notes and definitions are included with the live tables.



Social housing sales

  1. Social housing sales in England: 2013 to 2014

    • Statistics - national statistics
  2. Social housing sales in England: 2012 to 2013

    • Statistics - national statistics
  3. Social housing sales in England: 2011 to 2012

    • Statistics - national statistics
  4. Social housing sales in England: 2010 to 2011

    • Statistics
  5. Social housing sales to sitting tenants in England: 2009 to 2010

    • Statistics

Live tables

  1. Live tables on social housing sales

    • Statistical data set