Private registered provider social housing stock in England

This collection presents the National Statistics on the stock owned and managed by PRPs in England

Based on data sourced from the Statistical Data Return on an annual basis, it provides details of private registered provider owned and managed stock, details rents reported for low cost rental (social and Affordable Rents) and provides an overview of the PRP sector including details on stock losses and gains, and vacancies.

This collection was previously called the Statistical Data Return statistical releases but following user feedback was renamed in 2019-20 to better reflect the statistics presented. However, users should note that the links for each years’ release will return documents with their previously published titles.

The private registered provider social housing stock and rents in England statistics are considered by the United Kingdom Statistics Authority regulatory arm (the Office for Statistics Regulation) to have met the highest standards of trustworthiness, quality and public value, and are considered a National Statistic.

User feedback

RSH is committed to continuous improvement of our statistical releases to ensure they meet the needs of our users. Feedback from those using the statistics is central to this. Users are encouraged to provide comments and feedback on how these statistics are used and how they meet their needs either through our feedback rating icons on all published documents or through direct email contact (please send these entitled “PRP statistics feedback” to


Published 2 September 2014
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