SBRI: the Small Business Research Initiative

Information about SBRI for businesses and public sector organisations that might want to use the scheme.

SBRI brings together government challenges and ideas from business to create innovative solutions.

This collection provides information about how the SBRI programme works. It also gives examples of public sector bodies and businesses that have taken part.

It is aimed at:

  • businesses that might want to apply to an SBRI competition to find out how it works and what they can get out of it
  • public sector organisations that might benefit from running an SBRI competition and how to get help to do so

Here you can find opportunities as well as examples of some of the businesses and organisations to benefit from SBRI.

This includes information on government’s new GovTech Catalyst as this becomes available. The £20 million fund was announced in the Industrial Strategy. It will use SBRI to support businesses to provide innovative technology solutions to the public sector.

Women In Tech - Jenny Griffiths, Snap Fashion

An overview of SBRI

The items in this section provide an introduction to SBRI and an overview of how the programme works. They also include statistics and sample case studies.

SBRI was recognised as a leading programme for procurement in a Local Government Association report, ‘Encouraging innovation in local government procurement’. Read the report (pdf).

  1. SBRI: helping government, helping business

    • Promotional material
  2. Government challenges, ideas from business, innovative solutions

    • Promotional material

SBRI review and recommendations

Government’s review of SBRI into the barriers facing small businesses and recommendations on how to tackle them.

SBRI funding competitions

SBRI supports a range of competitions with public sector organisations and departments.

You can find the latest SBRI competitions in this collection or by searching the innovation funding service.

Success stories

All of the organisations here have received SBRI support. Learn about some of the programme’s successful projects.

A day in the life of Becky Sage, CEO, Interactive Scientific

What’s it like to be a female entrepreneur in the digital tech sector?

Bethany Koby, Technology Will Save Us, on engaging young people in tech

Game Changer: Bethany Koby, Technology will Save Us

  1. Genomics plc: analytics driving a revolution in healthcare

    • Case study
  2. Aviva deal boosts investment for UK breathalyser diagnosis firm

    • News story
  3. iGeolise races to its destination with time-based search

    • Case study
  4. nquiringminds: making cities smarter places to live and work

    • News story
  5. Mastodon C: helping big cities to solve planning challenges

    • Case study
  6. Isansys Lifecare: transforming the way we keep an eye on patients

    • Case study
  7. Shadow Robot: a helping hand to achieve independent living

    • Case study
  8. Ambiental: mapping flood risks from above the rain clouds

    • Case study
  9. StepJockey: health app developer wins £600,000 private investment

    • Case study
  10. C-Enduro: A boat that goes the distance

    • Case study

SBRI in the news


  1. Innovate UK: find out more about how we work

    • News story
Published 22 June 2015
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