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Developing future GNSS: SBRI opportunity

UK organisations can express an interest in seeking funding to develop receivers for a future UK global navigation satellite system (GNSS).

sateilitte view of UK

The UK Space Agency is to invest in research and development that explores challenges and ideas around receivers for a future UK global navigation satellite system.

Global navigation satellite systems are being used more and more to support basic functions in fields such as transport, agriculture and science. They are also an important element in national security.

The UK Space Agency is seeking organisations interested in investigating and developing concepts for satellite system receivers.

The best ideas could be awarded contracts in a later stage of the competition under the Small Business Research Initiative (SBRI).

Organisations can develop original ideas

Projects could develop original ideas or adapt successful technologies from other cutting-edge science and technology fields.

The competition aims to look at the feasibility of the ideas, and projects could look at them from several perspectives including:

  • identifying and understanding the impact and potential of state-of-the-art technologies and capabilities
  • technical readiness and scope for innovation
  • improved security features, including innovations in authentication and trust
  • ability for the receivers to be used by a wide range of sectors
  • innovative concepts of implementation and operation

Competition information

  • the competition opens on 21 October 2019, and the deadline is at midday on 13 November 2019
  • organisations of any size may express an interest
  • contract sizes and duration will be briefed at an industry day on 28 November
Published 15 October 2019