SBRI: the Small Business Research Initiative

Information about SBRI for businesses and public sector organisations that might want to use the scheme.

SBRI brings together government challenges and ideas from business to create innovative solutions.

This collection provides information about how the SBRI programme works. It also gives examples of public sector bodies and businesses that have taken part.

It is aimed at:

  • businesses that might want to apply to an SBRI competition and find out how it works and how other businesses have benefited

  • public sector organisations that might be interested in benefitting from running an SBRI competition and getting Innovate UK help to do it

C-Enduro: a boat that goes the distance

SBRI overview

The items in this section provide an introduction to SBRI and an overview of how the programme works. They also include statistics and sample case studies.

  1. Government challenges, ideas from business, innovative solutions

    • Promotional material
  2. SBRI: helping government, helping business

    • Promotional material

Success stories

Find out more about some of the SBRI programme’s successful projects.

LED ‘sleep mask’ tackles causes of sight-loss

  1. StepJockey: health app developer wins £600,000 private investment

    • Case study
  2. LED 'sleep mask' helps prevent sight-loss

    • Case study
  3. C-Enduro: A boat that goes the distance

    • Case study
  4. 3D scanning: Measuring how wounds heal

    • Case study
  5. Energy efficient cooking: LoCooker steams ahead

    • Case study