SBRI: the Small Business Research Initiative

Information about SBRI for businesses and public sector organisations that might want to use the scheme.

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For up to date information see Small Business Research Initiative (SBRI).

SBRI brings together government challenges and ideas from business to create innovative solutions.

This page on the SBRI programme - delivered by Innovate UK - provides information about how it works and gives examples of public sector bodies and businesses that have taken part.

It is aimed at:

  • businesses that might want to apply to an SBRI competition to find out how it works and what they can get out of it
  • public sector organisations that might benefit from running an SBRI competition and how to get help to do so

Here you can find opportunities in the UK, as well as examples of some of the businesses and organisations that benefit from SBRI.

This includes information on government’s GovTech Catalyst. The £20 million fund was announced in the Industrial Strategy, which will use SBRI to support businesses to provide innovative technology solutions to the public sector, and the Government Technology Innovation Strategy, which sets the foundations needed for government to innovate through emerging technologies.

You can also find out more about opportunities for businesses and public procurers in Europe, known as pre-commercial procurements.

Women In Tech - Jenny Griffiths, Snap Fashion

SBRI in the news

The latest news updates from SBRI projects.

High street revolution where no town is left behind

SBRI funding competitions

SBRI supports a range of competitions with public sector organisations and departments.

You can find the latest SBRI competitions in this collection or by searching the innovation funding service.

Success stories

All of the organisations here have received SBRI support. Learn about some of the programme’s successful projects.

St David Award nomination for rapid sanitisation project

St David Award nomination for rapid sanitisation project

A day in the life of Becky Sage, CEO, Interactive Scientific

What’s it like to be a female entrepreneur in the digital tech sector?

Bethany Koby, Technology Will Save Us, on encouraging children to create with technology

Game Changer: Bethany Koby, Technology will Save Us

SBRI in the public sector

SBRI in the public sector

Smart School Transport in Northern Ireland

Smart School Transport: an SBRI initiative

Fast: Automated staff development

Automated Staff Deployment: an SBRI initiative

SBRI review and recommendations

Government’s review of SBRI into the barriers facing small businesses and recommendations on how to tackle them.


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