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The GovTech Catalyst supports public sector organisations to find innovative solutions to operational service and policy delivery challenges.

GovTech Catalyst competitions help the public sector identify and work with cutting edge technology firms.

The £20 million GovTech Fund, awarded via competitions, provides support to define, develop, test and access creative solutions to complex public sector problems.

The GovTech Catalyst supports the public sector to make innovative use of emerging technologies to:

  • improve public service efficacy
  • increase public sector productivity
  • grow the UK GovTech sector


We help match tech sector solutions to public sector challenge owners through the £20 million GovTech Fund competitions. We are the first point of contact for GovTech companies.

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Published 21 May 2018
Last updated 28 November 2018 + show all updates
  1. The latest challenge opportunity - to better detect illicit goods arriving in letters and parcels to the UK - has been added to round 2.
  2. The most recent challenge opportunity to open - to develop data-enabled approaches to support public sector audits - has been added to round 2.
  3. Round 3 webinar transcript added.
  4. Firefighter challenge 6 news story added.
  5. Challenge submission news story for round 3 added.
  6. Round 2 successful challenges added.
  7. Round 1 fourth challenge competition - cutting traffic congestion - added.
  8. Added news item on Combating rural isolation challenge launch
  9. We have added a range of new information about the smart waste tracking digital challenge.
  10. First published.