Individual Electoral Registration (IER)

This collection brings together all documents relating to Individual Electoral Registration.

In 2014 we replaced the outdated ‘household registration’ system to give each individual control over their own registration – the new system is called Individual Electoral Registration (IER). You can now register to vote online in as little as 3 minutes. All you need is your name, address, date of birth and National Insurance number.

Voting is our democratic right and we want to make sure that everyone who is entitled to vote is able to vote. The new register will be more accurate and we can verify that everyone on the register is who they say they are. This will ensure that there is greater trust in the legitimacy and fairness of our elections.

There are 2 versions of the electoral register – the ‘full’ and the ‘open’ version. If you want to opt out of the open register, contact your local Electoral Registration Office.

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