Research and analysis

Simplifying the transition to Individual Electoral Registration

Individual Electoral Registration (IER) report by Cabinet Office on confirmation data matching pilots.



This report presents the Cabinet Office’s evaluation of the 2012 confirmation data matching pilots including recommendations for policy and practice.

Ensuring that the registers are as complete and accurate as possible and that levels of completeness and accuracy do not decline under Individual Electoral Registration (IER) is a key aim of the government. Data matching, where records on the electoral register are matched against public data, could assist in ensuring that the registers remain as complete and accurate as possible. This paper present the results of an evaluation of Cabinet Office pilots set up to test data matching specifically for the purposes of confirming electors who are currently on the electoral register, as this could potentially simplify the transition to IER for the majority of electors. A separate evaluation, looking at the potential for data matching to help find new electors, will be published in July 2013.

Published 17 April 2013