Companies House forms for Insolvency Rules 2016

Forms in accordance with Insolvency (England and Wales) Rules 2016

From 8 December 2017, limited liability partnerships (LLPs) must use these forms according to The Insolvency (Miscellaneous Amendments) Regulations 2017.

Any form that is completed and submitted to the registrar will be placed onto the register. The information, including any personal data, will be publicly accessible (apart from any protected information).

Information can only be amended or removed in certain circumstances. Please see the privacy policy for more information.

Company voluntary arrangement moratorium

Company voluntary arrangement

In administration

  1. Give notice of administrator's appointment (AM01)
  2. Give notice of statement of affairs in administration (AM02)
  3. Give notice of administrator's proposals (AM03)
  4. Give notice of the extension of time to deliver administrator's proposals (AM04)
  5. Give notice of extension of time to seek approval (AM05)
  6. Give notice of approval of administrator's proposals (AM06)
  7. Give notice of creditor's decision on administrator's proposals (AM07)
  8. Give notice of revision of administrator's proposals (AM08)
  9. Give notice of result of creditor's decision (AM09)
  10. Give notice of administrator's progress report (AM10)
  11. Give notice of appointment of replacement or additional administrator (AM11)
  12. Give notice of order limiting disclosure (AM12)
  13. Give notice of rescission or amendment of order limiting disclosure (AM13)
  14. Give notice of an order to dispose of charged property (AM14)
  15. Give notice of resignation of administrator (AM15)
  16. Give notice of order removing administrator from office (AM16)
  17. Give notice of vacation of office (AM17)
  18. Give notice of deceased administrator (AM18)
  19. Give notice of the extension of period of administration (AM19)
  20. Give notice of automatic end of administration (AM20)
  21. Give notice of end of administration (AM21)
  22. Give notice of a move from administration to creditors' voluntary liquidation (AM22)
  23. Give notice of move from administration to dissolution (AM23)
  24. Give notice of a court order in respect of date of dissolution (AM24)
  25. Give notice of court order ending administration (AM25)


Members voluntary liquidation / creditors voluntary liquidation

  1. Appoint liquidator in voluntary winding up (600CH)
  2. Give notice of statutory declaration of solvency (LIQ01)
  3. Give notice of statement of affairs (LIQ02)
  4. Give notice of progress report in voluntary winding up (LIQ03)
  5. Give notice of order deferring the date of dissolution (LIQ04)
  6. Give notice of order limiting disclosure of statement of affairs in CVL (LIQ05)
  7. Give notice of liquidator's resignation (LIQ06)
  8. Give notice of removal of liquidator by creditors (LIQ07)
  9. Give notice of loss of qualification as insolvency practitioner (LIQ08)
  10. Give notice of deceased liquidator (LIQ09)
  11. Give notice of removal of liquidator by court order (LIQ10)
  12. Give notice of removal of liquidator by company meeting in MVL (LIQ11)
  13. Give notice of final account prior to dissolution in MVL (LIQ13)
  14. Give notice of final account prior to dissolution in CVL (LIQ14)

Winding up by the court


Notice of disclaimer

Exempting property

Published 6 April 2017
Last updated 7 December 2017 + show all updates
  1. LLPs must now use these forms. Form 600 added.
  2. COM1-4 added to the Committees collection
  3. AM17 and LIQ05 added to the collection
  4. First published.