Redundancies, dismissals and disciplinaries


  1. Calculate your statutory redundancy pay

    Calculate how much statutory redundancy you can get based on age, weekly pay and number of years in the job

  2. Redundancy: your rights

    Being made redundant - rights, statutory payments you're entitled to, notice periods and consultation, apprentices

  3. Make a claim to an employment tribunal

    How to take an employer to a tribunal: the hearing, what happens if you lose your case, how to appeal. Includes information from the withdrawn EX328 guidance.

  4. Handing in your notice

    What an employee needs to do when they resign from a job: how to give notice, notice period, payment arrangements, gardening leave, restrictive covenants

  5. Whistleblowing for employees

    Whistleblowing - what it is, who to tell, what to expect and how to complain if you're treated unfairly

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