Research for Development Outputs

33,538 outputs
  1. RISE Working Paper 19/031 - An Analysis of the Political Economy of Schooling in Rural Malawi: Interactions among Parents, Teachers, Students, Chiefs and Primary Education Advisors
  2. The Limits of Accounting-Based Accountability in Education (and Far Beyond): Why More Accounting Will Rarely Solve Accountability Problems
  3. What Do Tanzanian Parents Want from Primary Schools—and What Can Be Done about It?
  4. Solar Water Pump Technology Roadmap
  5. Off-Grid Refrigeration Technology Roadmap
  6. Use and Benefits of Solar Water Pumps
  7. State of Play and Innovations in Off-grid Refrigeration Technology: Lessons Learned from Current Initiatives
  8. Off-grid Appliance Performance Testing: Results and Trends for Early Stage Market Development
  9. Evaluation of the Humanitarian Innovation and Evidence Programme (HIEP): Summative Phase 2: Final Report
  10. Global Off-Grid Solar Market Report Semi-Annual Sales and Impact Data
  11. Promoting High-Performing Off-Grid Appliances
  12. Evaluation Learning Review for DFID Nigeria
  13. The Impact of Creating Backward and Forward Linkages Between Lead Firms and SMEs in Conflict settings
  14. Institutions for Trade: Translating Trade into Development Impact
  15. Jordan’s Environmental Policies and Engagement on Climate Change
  16. The International Community’s Role in the Climate and Environment Space in Jordan
  17. Effectiveness of Aid for Trade Programmes Providing Market Information and Advice to Businesses
  18. Overview of Research on Far Right Extremism in the Western Balkans
  19. Nepal Earthquake Reconstruction Research: Scoping Study
  20. Frontier Technology: Connecting Finance to Results: Can Emerging Technologies Make Impact Bonds More Impactful?
  21. Scoping Research Report on Assistive Technology - On The Road For Universal Assistive Technology Coverage
  22. Benefits and Risks of Big Data Analytics in Fragile and Conflict Affected States
  23. Technical Assistance and Capacity Building in International Development
  24. Capturing the Economic Potential of Food Systems for the Poor
  25. Adaptive Social Protection Independent Evaluation of the World Bank ASP programme
  26. Vulnerability and Resilience in Somalia
  27. The impact of development finance institutions: rapid evidence assessment
  28. Digital Technologies Use in Development Programme Design, Delivery and M&E in Fragile and Conflict-Affected Setting
  29. Uses of Digital Technologies in Managing and Preventing Conflict
  30. Shaping Health Systems to Include People with Disabilities
  31. Agriculture in Afghanistan – Economic Sustainability and Sub-Sector Viability
  32. Increasing the Ability to Comply with Standards or Regulations in order to Improve Trade and Investment
  33. Aid Dependency and Political Settlements in Afghanistan
  34. Extremism, Violent Extremism and Terrorism (EVET) in South Sudan
  35. A Framework and Indicators to Improve Research Capacity Strengthening Evaluation Practice
  36. Tools for Measurement of Resilience in Nepal: Literature review
  37. Navigating global banking standards in developing countries
  38. The Bigger the Better? Using Lotteries to Identify the Allocative Efficiency Effects of Firms Size
  39. Government Communication Capacity and Media Freedom
  40. Current Trends in Violent Conflict
  41. Reintegration of Returnees
  42. Construction of a low-cost mobile incubator for field and laboratory use
  43. A social-ecological analysis of drinking water risks in coastal Bangladesh
  44. Constraining Risk Narratives: A Multidecadal media analysis of drinking water insecurity in Bangladesh
  45. Fecal Colonization with multidrug-resistant E. coli among healthy infants in rural Bangladesh.
  46. On considering climate resilience in urban water security: A review of the vulnerability of the urban poor in sub-Saharan Africa
  47. Emerging themes on considering water equity
  48. Sustainable land management (SLM) and its effects on water security and poverty
  49. Empowerment and water among pastoralist women in Northern Kenya
  50. Establishing hybrid water use rights systems in sub-saharan Africa: a practical guide for managers.