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Research for Development Outputs

33,975 outputs
  1. Identifying Binding Constraints to Agricultural Growth in Bihar
  2. Growth and Structural Transformation of Agriculture in Bihar
  3. Sources of Crop Output Growth in Bihar: Implications for Policy Interventions
  4. Study on Agricultural Diagnostics for the State of Bihar in India: Inception Report
  5. Women’s Political Participation in Pakistan’s Big Cities: Evidence for Reform
  6. Invisible Citizens: Why More Women in Pakistan Do Not Vote
  7. Sound of One Hand Clapping: Information Disclosure for Social and Political Action for Accountability in Extractive Governance in Mozambique
  8. Beyond Information Disclosure to Achieve Accountability in the Extractive Sector
  9. The Implications of Closing Civic Space for Sustainable Development in Cambodia
  10. The Implications of Closing Civic Space for Sustainable Development in Nepal
  11. The Implications of Closing Civic Space for Sustainable Development in Zimbabwe
  12. The Implications of Closing Civic Space for Sustainable Development in Brazil
  13. Women's Political Participation in a Pakistani Metropolis: Navigating Gendered Household and Political Spaces
  14. Empowering Women Politicians in Pakistan: Views from Within
  15. How Does the World Bank Build Citizen Engagement Commitments into Project Design?
  16. Beyond the Religious/Secular Binary Trap: Keeping the Focus on Gender Equality
  17. Adaptive Programming in Fragile, Conflict and Violence-Affected Settings. What Works and Under What Conditions?
  18. The Case for an Adaptive Approach to Empowerment and Accountability Programming in Fragile Settings
  19. Development Needs Society - The Implications of Civic Space for the Sustainable Development Goals
  20. Beyond Tweets and Screams: Action for Empowerment and Accountability in Nigeria – The Case of the #BBOG Movement
  21. Commissions of Inquiry in Plateau State, Nigeria
  22. Examining the Urban Land Nexus and Inclusive Urbanisation in Dar es Salaam, Mwanza, and Khartoum
  23. Modern slavery studies
  24. Governance Diaries: An Approach to Governance Research from the Ground Up
  25. Eleven Recommendations for Working on Empowerment and Accountability in Fragile, Conflict or Violence-Affected Settings
  26. Empowerment and Accountability in Difficult Settings: What Are We Learning?
  27. Reviewing the evidence base for reintegrating populations displaced by conflict
  28. The politics of central banking in Kenya: Balancing political and developmental interests
  29. Will South Asia achieve the Sustainable Development Goals by 2030? Learning from the MDGs experience
  30. The politics of governing oil after ‘best-practice’ reforms: Can ‘pockets of effectiveness’ survive within Uganda’s political settlement?
  31. Political settlement and the politics of legitimation in countries undergoing democratisation: Insights from Tanzania
  32. Who should get what, how and why? DFID and the transnational politics of social cash transfers
  33. Managing coercion and striving for dominance in Bangladesh
  34. Dominating Dhaka
  35. The threat of student movements in Bangladesh: Injustice, infiltrators and regime change
  36. The 2018 Bangladeshi election
  37. Learning to Implement and Scale Up Responsible and Inclusive Business Practices
  38. Gender Parity in Education in Ethiopia
  39. The Political Eeconomy of the Primary Education System in Tanzania
  40. Incentivising Responsible Business
  41. Improving SMEs’ Access to Finance Through Capital Markets and Innovative Financing Instruments: Some Evidence from Developing Countries
  42. Overview of Inclusive Business Approaches: Addressing Challenges Facing Poor and Vulnerable Communities
  43. Integrated Approaches to Refugee Management in Uganda
  44. Lessons learned from Linking Social Protection to Tax Revenue
  45. The Impact of Public Finance Management (PFM) Reforms on Education in Tanzania
  46. Reform of Consociationalism Arrangements in Deeply Divided Societies
  47. Illicit Financial Flows in North Africa (Algeria, Egypt, Libya, Morocco and Tunisia)
  48. Adaptation at scale: final evaluation report
  49. Household debt in Pakistan: conflict, borrowing and structural indebtedness
  50. Social Protection Topic Guide (2019)