Research for Development Outputs

34,172 outputs
  1. Strengthening Research Institutions in Africa: Seven Country Needs Assessments
  2. Hybrid Water Rights Systems for Pro-Poor Water Governance in Africa
  3. Examining the economics of affordability through water diaries in Coastal Bangladesh.
  4. Rethinking the economics of rural water in Africa
  5. Streamflow response to climate change in the Greater Horn of Africa.
  6. Empowerment in WASH Index
  7. Concept mapping: Engaging stakeholders to identify factors that contribute to empowerment in the water and sanitation sector in West Africa
  8. Isotopes in detecting the origin of water and in quantifying groundwater inflow rates in an alarmingly growing lake, Ethiopia.
  9. Evaluating the CMIP5 ensemble in Ethiopia: Creating a reduced ensemble for rainfall and temperature in Northwest Ethiopia and the Awash basin
  10. Machine Learning to Evaluate Impacts of Flood Protection in Bangladesh
  11. Impact of Lake Beseka on the Water Quality of Awash River, Ethiopia
  12. Water Pollution Management in Dhaka: Stakeholder perceptions to inform action.
  13. Dimensions of water insecurity in pastoralist households in Kenya
  14. Including water quality monitoring in rural water services: why safe water requires challenging the quantity versus quality dichotomy
  15. Enhancing livelihoods of the urban poor through productive uses of utility-supplied water services – Evidence from Kampala, Uganda
  16. Understanding empowerment in water, sanitation, and hygiene (WASH): A Scoping Review.
  17. Can shallow groundwater sustain small-scale irrigated agriculture in sub-Saharan Africa?
  18. Guideline: Selecting, training and managing para-hydrologists.
  19. Guideline: Community-based hydroclimate monitoring
  20. Measuring empowerment in WASH : Ghana
  21. Designing and delivering research-into-use programmes in the WASH sphere.
  22. The Resurgence of Singular Identities: Possible Explanations
  23. Re-describing transnational conflict in Africa
  24. Famine early warning and information systems in conflict settings: challenges for humanitarian metrics and response
  25. Introducing the transnational conflict in Africa dataset
  26. Sudan: a political marketplace framework analysis
  27. The future of Ethiopia: developmental state or political marketplace?
  28. Data Synthesis Paper
  29. Competing networks and political order in the Democratic Republic of Congo 
  30. Horn of Africa and Red Sea Synthesis Paper
  31. Courses au pouvoir: the struggle over customary capital in the eastern Democratic Republic of Congo
  32. Ethnogovernmentality: The making of ethnic territories and subjects in Eastern DR Congo
  33. South Sudan Synthesis Paper
  34. Somalia Synthesis Paper
  35. Pax Africana or Middle East Security Alliance in the Horn of Africa and the Red Sea?
  36. Iraq synthesis paper: understanding the drivers of conflict in Iraq
  37. Political economy and governance in Syria
  38. The prairie fire that burned Mogadishu: the logic of clan formation in Somalia
  39. Watching television while forcibly displaced: Syrian refugees as participant audiences
  40. Rebel rule: A governmentality perspective
  41. ‘That thing of human rights’: discourse, emergency assistance, and sexual violence in South Sudan's current civil war
  42. Citizen Engagement in Pakistan
  43. Policy Advice to Respond to COVID-19 in Urban Informal Settlements in Kenya
  44. Rapid Review of Physical Distancing and Alternative Disease Control Measures in South Asia
  45. Health and Socio-Economic Impacts of Physical Distancing for Covid-19 in Africa
  46. Affordable Housing Sector in India
  47. Payment by Results Guidance: Lessons from an effective verification system
  48. Impact of Infrastructure Investment: A Study of Private Sector Investment in Infrastructure in India
  49. Rapid Review of Assistive Technologies for Persons with Disability in India
  50. Review of Evidence: Asia Pacific Regional Climate Resilience Platform