Research for Development Outputs

34,262 outputs
  1. Instrumentalising the digital: adolescents’ engagement with ICTs in low- and middle-income countries
  2. Preventing gender-based violence victimization in adolescent girls in lower-income countries
  3. Adolescent sexual and reproductive health in Ethiopia and Rwanda: a qualitative exploration of the role of social norms
  4. Exploring the role of evolving gender norms in shaping adolescents’ experiences of violence in pastoralist Afar, Ethiopia
  5. Why a ‘cash plus’ approach is critical to better support children and adolescents with disabilities
  6. How far do parenting programmes help change norms underpinning violence against adolescents?
  7. Creation of the gender-equitable school index for secondary schools using principal components analysis
  8. Do restrictive gender attitudes and norms influence physical and mental health during very young adolescence?
  9. Development and validation of the LoVI: the Laws on Violence against women and girls Index
  10. Intersecting inequalities, gender and adolescent health in Ethiopia
  11. Does non-formal education have lasting effects?
  12. ‘Even though I am blind, I am still human!’: the neglect of adolescents with disabilities’ human rights in conflict-affected contexts
  13. Raising the visibility of IDPs: a case study of gender- and age-specific vulnerabilities among Ethiopian IDP adolescents
  14. Puberty and menstruation knowledge among young adolescents in low- and middle-income countries: a scoping review
  15. Disability-specific forms of deprivation of liberty
  16. Electric Bankers: Utility-Enabled Finance in Sub-Saharan Africa
  17. The Role of Appliances in Achieving Gender Equality and Energy Access for All
  18. Solar Water Pump Durability Research Memo
  19. Solar Milling: Exploring Market Requirements to Close the Commercial Viability Gap
  20. Practical Guidelines for Shipping Off-Grid Appliances
  21. Quality Assurance for Off-Grid TVs and Fans: Lessons Learned and Paths Forward
  22. Off- and Weak-Grid Solar Appliance Market: India
  23. Global Off-Grid Solar Market Report Semi-Annual Sales and Impact Data: July - December 2019
  24. Electric Pressure Cooking: Accelerating Microgrid E-Cooking through Business and Delivery Model Innovations
  25. The Socio-Economic Impact of Super-Efficient Off-Grid Fans in Bangladesh
  26. The Use and Impact of Solar TVs
  27. Use Cases and Cost Breakdown of Off-Grid Refrigeration Systems
  28. My Piece of Zed: A Novel Adolescent-driven Behaviour Change Communication Strategy to Eliminate Cholera in Zambia 2025
  29. Global LEAP Solar Water Pump Test Method
  30. Project Spotlights Report: First Call
  31. Gender-Sensitivity analysis of the Sahel Adaptive Social Protection Programme
  32. Social Accountability In The Delivery Of Social Protection
  33. Youth Transitions in Protracted Crisis
  34. Reconstructing our understanding of the link between services and state legitimacy
  35. Evidence of Successful Interventions and Policies to Achieve a Demographic Transition in sub-Saharan Africa: Ethiopia, Rwanda, and Malawi
  36. Predictive analytics in humanitarian action: a preliminary mapping and analysis
  37. Food and power in Somalia: business as usual?
  38. Satellite sectarianisation or plain old partisanship?: Inciting violence in the Arab mainstream media
  39. The business of recycling war scrap: the Hashd al-Shaʿabi’s role in Mosul’s post-conflict economy
  40. The security sector reform paradox in Somalia
  41. Recycling as bricolage in the Congolese National Police: lessons from police training in the DRC
  42. Syrian visions: mapping Syrian constitutional papers since 2011
  43. Iraq’s political marketplace at the subnational level: the struggle for power in three provinces
  44. A fragmented landscape: barriers to independent media in Iraq
  45. The security arena in south Sudan: a political marketplace study
  46. Iraq’s disputed internal boundaries after ISIS: heterogeneous actors vying for influence
  47. The 2018 Iraqi federal elections: a population in transition?
  48. Advantages and challenges to diaspora transnational civil society activism in the homeland
  49. Iraq’s 2018 government formation: unpacking the friction between reform and the status quo
  50. Iraq's popular mobilisation forces: the possibilities for Disarmament, Demobilisation & Reintegration