1. 1What's your situation?

    You're the family member or partner of a British citizen

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  2. 2Did your family member or partner settle before they became a British citizen?


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  3. 3How did they settle?

    Some other way

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  4. 4What's your relationship to that person?


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  5. 5What situation are you and your partner in?

    You're still with your partner

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You can apply as the partner of a British citizen or person settled in the UK

You may be eligible for settlement (‘indefinite leave to remain’) if your partner is a:

  • British citizen
  • person settled in the UK

Partners are 2 people in a genuine relationship - you must be able to prove one of the following:

  • you’re married
  • you’re in a civil partnership
  • you’ve been in a relationship for 2 years

You and your partner must intend to continue your relationship after you apply for settlement.


You need to have been living in the UK with a ‘partner of a settled person’ visa for:

  • 2 years if you applied for your visa before 9 July 2012
  • 5 years or 10 years if you applied for your visa on or after 9 July 2012

Read the guidance for the 2-year route and the 5- and 10-year routes.

Knowledge of language and life

If you’re 18 to 64 years old when you apply you must also:

When your application can be refused

Your application might be refused if, for example, you’ve:

  • got a criminal record in the UK or another country
  • provided false or incomplete information to the Home Office
  • broken UK immigration law

Read the guidance on why applications can be refused.

Proof of finances

There’s no financial requirement if you applied for your partner visa on the 10-year route.

If you’re on the 2-year route (ie you applied before 9 July 2012) you and your partner must prove you have enough money to adequately support and accommodate yourselves and any dependants without using public funds.

If you’re on the 5-year route you’ll need to prove you have at least:

  • £18,600 for each year for you
  • £22,400 if you’re including 1 child
  • £2,400 for each additional child

You will not need to prove this if you or your partner get certain disability benefits or a carer’s allowance, but you’ll need to adequately accommodate and support yourselves and any dependants.

Read the guidance on the financial requirement.

How to apply

You can apply online.

You can apply with form SET(M) instead. Send it to the address on the form or take it to a premium service centre. Check the form to find out which supporting documents you need.

You can also use the settlement checking service to make sure your application is correct and complete. They’ll send your application to UKVI. You’ll have to pay an extra fee for using this service.

Get help using a computer to apply online

You can get help with:

  • accessing a computer or the internet
  • finding the right information on GOV.UK

You cannot get advice on:

  • whether you’re eligible to apply
  • what information to put in your application
  • an application you’ve already made

Telephone: 03333 445 675
Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm
Find out about call charges
Text: ‘VISA’ to 07537 416 944

Biometric information

After you submit your application you’ll be asked to provide your fingerprints and a digital photo (called ‘biometric information’).

Any children 6 and over who are applying on your form must also provide biometric information.

Children (dependants)

Your child under 18 can apply for settlement on your application form if your partner is their other parent.

If your partner is not their other parent, they can apply in the following circumstances:

  • their other parent is dead
  • you have sole responsibility for their upbringing
  • there are compelling reasons why they should be allowed to stay

Parent means:

  • a natural (biological) parent
  • an adoptive parent
  • a step-parent where the biological parent has died

Children under 18

Children under 18 must have or have had a valid visa to be in the UK. They must also:

  • be living with you and your partner
  • have proof they’ll be supported and accommodated adequately without using public funds
  • not be married, in a civil partnership or living an independent life

Read the guidance on children.

Your child’s application may be refused for other reasons, for example their previous immigration history. Read more about why applications can be refused.

Children 18 and over

Your child of 18 or over may be eligible to settle if:

  • they have or have had permission to be in the UK as your dependant
  • you have permission to be in the UK as the partner of a British citizen or settled person

They must meet the same eligibility as a dependent child under 18. They may also need to:

Your child 18 or over must apply separately on their own form. They need to download and complete form SET(F).


Who you’re applying for Apply by post Apply in person (premium service)
You £2,389 £2,999
All dependants £2,389 per person £2,999 per person

How long it takes

You’ll be told whether your application has been successful within 6 months.

You’ll be contacted if your application is complex and will take longer, for example:

  • if your supporting documents need to be verified
  • if you need to attend an interview
  • because of your personal circumstances, for example if you have a criminal conviction