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Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS)

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  • Track or view your DBS certificate

    You can use our online services to check the progress of basic, standard or enhanced checks or view your certificate.

  • Basic checks

    Guidance regarding basic checks, including how to apply and the information disclosed on a basic certificate.

  • Update Service and other DBS online services

    DBS offers a number of online services, including the Update Service, DBS online accounts and online tracking.

  • Documents the applicant must provide

    The person going through a DBS check (the applicant) must give their employer original documents (not copies) to prove their identity.

  • DBS checks: guidance for employers

    Guidance for employers about DBS checks, including how to apply, registering with the DBS and the code of practice.

  • DBS online account guidance

    Information regarding a DBS online account and the services available to you as a barring or basic check customer.

  • DBS ID checking guidelines

    Guidance to help you validate the identity of a DBS check applicant and a new lead/countersignatory.

  • DBS application form: guide for applicants

    Step by step guidance for applicants filling in the Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) application form.

  • List of offences that will never be filtered from a DBS certificate

    The DBS list of offences is available in word, excel and open document spreadsheet formats.

  • Responsible Organisations

    A list of Responsible Organisations and their responsibilities.

  • DBS Update Service: applicant guide

    Guidance for applicants regarding the DBS Update Service, including how to join and how to renew your subscription.

  • DBS Update Service: employer guide

    As an employer, you can access the Update Service to do status checks on an individual’s standard or enhanced DBS certificate, if they've joined the service.

  • DBS certificate reprint guide and forms

    A guide to requesting a DBS certificate reprint and forms to complete.

  • Eligibility guidance for standard DBS checks

    A guide to eligibility for standard certificates, for Registered Bodies and employers.

  • Eligibility guidance for enhanced DBS checks

    Guides to help you identify the types of work eligible for an enhanced DBS check in each workforces, including regulated activity.

  • Making barring referrals to the DBS

    Disclosure and Barring service (DBS) guidance about making referrals.

  • DBS filtering guide

    Filtering identifies and removes protected convictions and cautions so that they are not disclosed on a DBS certificate.

  • DBS check: application process for volunteers

    A publication explaining the DBS check application process for volunteers.

  • ISO Country Codes

    The International Organization of Standardization (ISO) sets out internationally recognised codes, designated to each country and most dependent areas.

  • DBS guidance leaflets

    Guidance leaflets relating to eligibility and other DBS services and products.