DBS guide to eligibility

Disclosure and Barring Service provides eligibility, workforce and supervision guidance for those working with children and adults.



DBS sample policy on the recruitment of ex-offenders

All employers must treat DBS check applicants who have a criminal record fairly and should not discriminate because of a conviction or other information revealed.

You can read the sample policy on the recruitment of ex-offenders.

Workforce guidance

These guides will help identify the type of workforce that a DBS applicant will be working in.

Registered bodies or employers need to add the workforce in section x line 61 of the DBS application form.

DBS application forms that do not have the workforce provided will be rejected.

These workforce documents have been developed to set out the types of roles within each of the workforces.

It is not a comprehensive list of all conditions which have to apply for the role to be eligible. The applicant will still have to meet eligibility criteria before the registered body considers the workforce.

However, these documents will provide registered bodies with guidance to support decision making.

We have also published an e-guide to help you with completing the DBS application form.

Information about regulated activity with adults is available on the Department of Health website.