DBS online account guidance

Information regarding a DBS online account and the services available to you as a barring or basic check customer.

A DBS online account can be used to access a range of services available to you as an applicant. Currently, an online account is only for barring or basic check products, and cannot be used for standard or enhanced checks, or for the update service.

Although an enhanced DBS check may include the checking of one or both of the barred lists, a DBS online account cannot be used for an enhanced check.

Some examples of how you can use your DBS online account as a barring customer are below:

  • if you are a referred individual, and you create an account, it provides a secure way for the DBS to send all correspondence to you, quickly and efficiently
  • if a case reaches a point whereby we require additional information from you, an online account provides you with a quick and cost effective way of providing us with documentation
  • you can access information regarding the appeals process

In order to access the full range of online services available to you as an applicant, you will need to create and activate an individual DBS online account. The guidance on this page details how to do this, alongside how to complete other actions relating to your account.

Please note, there are certain constraints when choosing a username, password and memorable word as part of creating your online account. More information can be found below in the ‘Username, password and memorable word’ section.

Individual online account

Create and activate an individual online account (PDF, 2.39MB, 4 pages)

Edit your online account (PDF, 2.54MB, 3 pages)

Request a one time passcode (PDF, 2.5MB, 3 pages)

Trouble signing in (PDF, 2.68MB, 4 pages)

DBS basic checks

Link your online account to a DBS profile (PDF, 323KB, 3 pages)

View your DBS basic certificate (PDF, 364KB, 3 pages)

Manage consent (PDF, 594KB, 6 pages)

Standalone services

Track a DBS basic application (PDF, 316KB, 3 pages)

View an applicant's DBS basic certificate (PDF, 504KB, 5 pages)

Username, password and memorable word

When you create a DBS online account, you will be required to choose a username, password and memorable word.


Your username must be between 6 and 32 characters long and can contain a combination of letters, numbers or any of the following characters:

  • single apostrophe (‘)
  • hyphen (-)
  • underscore (_)
  • ‘at’ symbol (@)
  • full stop (.)

Your username is not case-sensitive.


Your password must be between 8 and 32 characters long and must contain at least one number, one uppercase letter and one lowercase letter. It can also contain any symbol or special character.

Your password will be case-sensitive and must be entered the same way as it was originally.

Memorable word

For security purposes, you will also be required to create a memorable word. This word must be at least 8 characters long and can contain a combination of letters and numbers.

Your memorable word cannot contain any special characters.

Your memorable word is not case-sensitive.

Please note that a space cannot be used as a character in your username, password or memorable word.

Published 30 May 2018
Last updated 18 April 2019 + show all updates
  1. Information added regarding constraints when choosing a username, password and memorable word, as part of creating a DBS online account.

  2. Information added to advise that a DBS online account cannot currently be used for enhanced checks.

  3. Information updated to reflect that a DBS online account is for barring and basic check products only.

  4. YouTube videos added alongside certain guidance documents.

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