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Department for International Development (DFID)

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  • Where we work

    A guide to where we work throughout the world.

  • Art Competition for the Global Goals Report (or UK’s Voluntary National Review)

    The competition is now closed.

  • Darwin Initiative: applying for main project funding

    Darwin Initiative: information on how to apply for main project funding.

  • UK Aid Direct

    UK Aid Direct supports small and medium sized civil society organisations, based in the UK and overseas, to achieve sustained poverty reduction and to achieve the SDGs.

  • UK Aid Match

    Provides grants to UK based CSOs for poverty reduction projects in developing countries.

  • UK Aid Connect

    UK Aid Connect will support consortia to create innovative solutions to complex development challenges that deliver real change to poor people’s lives.

  • Cross-Government Prosperity Fund

    The Prosperity Fund aims to remove barriers to economic growth and promote the economic reform and development needed to reduce poverty in partner countries.

  • Global Innovation Fund

    GIF provides grants, loans and equity of between £30,000 to £10m for social innovations to transform the lives and opportunities of people living in poverty.

  • International Climate Finance

    International Climate Finance is a UK government commitment to support developing countries to respond to the challenges and opportunities of climate change.

  • Conflict, Stability and Security Fund (CSSF)

    This guidance provides an overview of work by the CSSF to reduce the risk of instability in countries where the UK has important interests.

  • UK aid - standards for using the logo

    Information and standards for using the UK aid logo.

  • DFID organogram

    DFID organisational chart: Ministers and senior management

  • Delivering overseas aid programmes if there's no Brexit deal

    The UK government’s offer to UK aid organisations in response to EU no deal planning.

  • Small Charities Challenge Fund (SCCF)

    DFID’s centrally managed fund for small UK based not-for-profit organisations working with the poor, vulnerable and most marginalised.

  • What is UK aid?

    The UK aid logo is used widely in the countries where we work, on items such as health clinics, school books and emergency food supplies, to publicly acknowledge development programmes funded by the UK taxpayer

  • About the National Conversation on Investing for the Global Goals

    Information about the National Conversation and how you can get involved in supporting the Global Goals.

  • International competencies

    Effectiveness in this area is about leading internationally, engaging our staff, contacts and international partners to help deliver UK Government objectives.

  • DFID Enhanced Due Diligence: Safeguarding for external partners

    This guidance provides partners with details of the new standards and how they will be used in enhanced due diligence assessments (DDAs) to assess an organisation’s ability to protect from sexual exploitation and abuse and harassment, children, young people and vulnerable adults they work with as well as their own staff and volunteers.

  • Girls' Education Challenge

    Will help over a million of the world’s poorest girls improve their lives through education.

  • Private Infrastructure Development Group

    Aims to encourage private infrastructure investment in developing countries that contributes to economic growth and poverty reduction.