Rent disputes

You can apply to a tribunal to decide on certain rent disputes in England.

There are different ways to solve rent disputes in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

Rent increase

You can only apply to the tribunal if:

  • you have an assured or assured shorthold tenancy
  • your rent’s been increased as part of a ‘section 13 procedure’ - the letter from your landlord will say if it has, and will tell you more about applying to the tribunal

You must apply before the new rent is due to start.

New rental terms

You can ask the tribunal to decide new rental terms when you renew your tenancy.

Rent set by rent officer

Contact the Valuation Office Agency if you have a regulated or protected tenancy.

If a rent officer has set your rent before, the only way to increase it is to have a rent officer set a new rent. If a rent officer has not set your rent before, they can set a rent limit. The landlord cannot charge more.

You can appeal against a rent officer’s decision. They may pass your case to a tribunal, which can make a final decision on the rent.

If you think your rent is high when you start a tenancy

You may be able to apply to the tribunal. Contact Citizens Advice for advice.

You must apply within 6 weeks of moving in.