Learning to drive a tractor or specialist vehicle

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Driving tests for tractors and specialist vehicles

The type of driving test you have to do depends on the type of vehicle.

Category F, G, H or K vehicles

The examiner will give you instructions at the side of the road and watch how you:

  • drive as you go around left and right circuits
  • turn round using forward and reverse gears

For very slow vehicles, like pedestrian-controlled vehicles, your examiner may walk near you where they can watch your driving.

You’ll also have an eyesight test and at the end of the category F, G, H or K test, you’ll be asked 5 questions on the Highway Code and other motoring matters. You’ll then be asked to identify 6 different traffic signs.

Category H tests

In category H driving tests you need to drive the vehicle backwards and turn it around, using its tracks, so it’s facing the opposite direction.

Your examiner will tell you how you should make this manoeuvre.

Documents you need to bring to your test

You must bring either:

  • a valid, signed photocard driving licence from the UK or an EU country
  • an old-style valid, signed UK paper driving licence along with a valid passport

Cancelled tests

You might be able to apply for a refund of out-of-pocket expenses if the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) cancels your test at short notice.