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HMRC internal manual

Company Taxation Manual

Destination & derivation tables for CT to CTM conversion: Destination table for pages CT10000 - CT11520 & Lists 1 - 2

CT paragraphs in ascending order Converted to CTM paragraph number
CT10000 CTM90105
CT10010 CTM90110
CT10020 CTM90120
CT10030 CTM90130
CT10040 CTM90140
CT10050 CTM90150
CT10060 CTM90160
CT10070 CTM90140
CT10200 CTM92005
CT10201 CTM92010
CT10203 CTM92030
CT10209 CTM92090
CT10210 CTM92100
CT10211 CTM92110
CT10215 CTM92150
CT10216 CTM92160
CT10217 CTM92170
CT10218 CTM92180
CT10219 CTM92190
CT10220 CTM92200
CT10222 CTM92220
CT10224 CTM92240
CT10225 CTM92250
CT10227 CTM92270
CT10229 CTM92290
CT10231 CTM92310
CT10232 CTM92320
CT10234 CTM92340
CT10236 CTM92360
CT10238 CTM92380
CT10240 CTM92400
CT10242 CTM92420
CT10244 CTM92440
CT10246 CTM92460
CT10248 CTM92480
CT10300 CTM93005
CT10301 CTM93010
CT10302 CTM93020
CT10303 CTM93030
CT10304 CTM93040
CT10305 CTM93050
CT10306 CTM93060
CT10307 CTM93070
CT10308 CTM93080
CT10309 CTM93090
CT10310 CTM93100
CT10311 CTM93110
CT10312 CTM93120
CT10313 CTM93130
CT10314 CTM93140
CT10315 CTM93150
CT10316 CTM93160
CT10317 CTM93170
CT10318 CTM93180
CT10319 CTM93190
CT10320 CTM93200
CT10321 CTM93210
CT10322 CTM93220
CT10323 CTM93230
CT10324 CTM93240
CT10325 CTM93250
CT10326 CTM93260
CT10327 CTM93270
CT10328 CTM93280
CT10329 CTM93290
CT10330 CTM93300
CT10331 CTM93310
CT10333 CTM93330
CT10400 CTM94005
CT10401 CTM94010
CT10402 CTM94020
CT10403 CTM94030
CT10404 CTM94040
CT10405 CTM94050
CT10406 CTM94060
CT10407 CTM94070
CT10408 CTM94080
CT10409 CTM94090
CT10410 CTM94100
CT10411 CTM94110
CT10412 CTM94120
CT10413 CTM94130
CT10414 CTM94140
CT10415 CTM94150
CT10416 CTM94160
CT10417 CTM94170
CT10418 CTM94180
CT10419 CTM94190
CT10420 CTM94200
CT10421 CTM94210
CT10422 CTM94220
CT10423 CTM94230
CT10424 CTM94240
CT10425 CTM94250
CT10500 CTM95005
CT10501 CTM95010
CT10502 CTM95020
CT10503 CTM95030
CT10504 CTM95040
CT10505 CTM95050
CT10506 CTM95060
CT10507 CTM95070
CT10508 CTM95080
CT10509 CTM95090
CT10510 CTM95100
CT10511 CTM95110
CT10512 CTM95120
CT10530 CTM95305
CT10531 CTM95310
CT10532 CTM95320
CT10533 CTM95330
CT10534 CTM95340
CT10535 CTM95350
CT10536 CTM95360
CT10537 CTM95370
CT10538 CTM95380
CT10539 CTM95390
CT10540 CTM95400
CT10541 CTM95410
CT10542 CTM95420
CT10543 CTM95430
CT10544 CTM95440
CT10545 CTM95450
CT10546 CTM95460
CT10547 CTM95470
CT10548 CTM95510
CT10549 CTM95520
CT10550 CTM95530
CT10551 CTM95540
CT10552 CTM95550
CT10553 CTM95560
CT10554 CTM95570
CT10555 CTM95580
CT10556 CTM95590
CT10557 CTM95600
CT10560 CTM95130
CT10561 CTM95140
CT10600 CTM90602
CT10605 CTM90605
CT10610 CTM90610
CT10615 CTM90615
CT10620 CTM90620
CT10625 CTM90625
CT10630 CTM90630
CT10635 CTM90635
CT10640 CTM90640
CT10645 CTM90645
CT10650 CTM90650
CT10655 CTM90655
CT10660 CTM90660
CT10665 CTM90665
CT10670 CTM90670
CT10700 CTM97002
CT10705 CTM97005
CT10710 CTM97010
CT10715 CTM97015
CT10720 CTM97020
CT10725 CTM97025
CT10730 CTM97030
CT10735 CTM97035
CT10740 CTM97040
CT10745 CTM97045
CT10750 CTM97050
CT10755 CTM97055
CT10756 CTM97060
CT10757 CTM97065
CT10760 CTM97070
CT10765 CTM97650
CT10766 CTM97660
CT10767 CTM97670
CT10768 CTM97680
CT10769 CTM97690
CT10770 CTM97700
CT10771 CTM97710
CT10772 CTM97720
CT10773 CTM97730
CT10774 CTM97740
CT10775 CTM97750
CT10776 CTM97760
CT10777 CTM97770
CT10778 CTM97780
CT10779 CTM97790
CT10780 CTM97610
CT10785 CTM97850
CT10786 CTM97860
CT10787 CTM97860
CT10788 CTM97880
CT10789 CTM97890
CT10790 CTM97900
CT10791 CTM97910
CT10792 CTM97920
CT10793 CTM97930
CT10794 CTM97940
CT10795 CTM97950
CT10796 CTM97960
CT10797 CTM97970
CT10798 CTM97980
CT10800 CTM98005
CT10810 CTM98010
CT10820 CTM98020
CT10830 CTM98030
CT10840 CTM98040
CT10850 CTM98050
CT10860 CTM98060
CT10893 CTM98100
CT10894 CTM98110
CT10895 CTM98120
CT10896 CTM98130
CT10897 CTM98140
CT10898 CTM98150
CT10900 CTM98205
CT10905 CTM98210
CT10910 CTM98215
CT10911 CTM98220
CT10915 CTM98225
CT10920 CTM98230
CT10925 CTM98235
CT10930 CTM98240
CT10935 CTM98245
CT10980 CTM98250
CT10985 CTM98255
CT10990 CTM98260
CT10995 CTM98265
CT11000 CTM92505
CT11001 CTM92510
CT11002 CTM92520
CT11003 CTM92530
CT11004 CTM92540
CT11005 CTM92550
CT11006 CTM92560
CT11007 CTM92570
CT11008 CTM92580
CT11009 CTM92590
CT11010 CTM92600
CT11011 CTM92610
CT11012 CTM92620
CT11013 CTM92620
CT11014 CTM92640
CT11015 CTM92650
CT11016 CTM92660
CT11017 CTM92670
CT11018 CTM92680
CT11019 CTM92690
CT11021 CTM92710
CT11023 CTM92730
CT11024 CTM92740
CT11025 CTM92750
CT11026 CTM92760
CT11027 CTM92770
CT11028 CTM92780
CT11029 CTM92790
CT11030 CTM92800
CT11031 CTM92810
CT11032 CTM92820
CT11033 CTM92830
CT11034 CTM92840
CT11500 CTM97405
CT11501 CTM97410
CT11502 CTM97420
CT11503 CTM97430
CT11504 CTM97440
CT11505 CTM97450
CT11506 CTM97460
CT11507 CTM97470
CT11508 CTM97480
CT11509 CTM97490
CT11510 CTM97500
CT11511 CTM97510
CT11512 CTM97520
CT11513 CTM97530
CT11514 CTM97540
CT11515 CTM97550
CT11516 CTM97560
CT11517 CTM97570
CT11518 CTM97580
CT11519 CTM97580
CT11520 CTM97590