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HMRC internal manual

Company Taxation Manual

Destination & derivation tables for CT to CTM conversion: Destination table for pages CT12000 - CT13085

CT paragraphs in ascending order Converted to CTM paragraph number
CT12000 CTM50060
CT12001 CTM50070
CT12003 CTM50080
CT12004 CTM50085
CT12005 CTM50090
CT12010 CTM50100
CT12011 CTM50110
CT12014 CTM50140
CT12015 CTM50150
CT12019 CTM50190
CT12020 CTM50200
CT12025 CTM50250
CT12030 CTM50300
CT12031 CTM50310
CT12032 CTM50320
CT12035 CTM50350
CT12040 CTM50400
CT12050 CTM50500
CT12060 CTM50600
CT12061 CTM50610
CT12062 CTM50620
CT12063 CTM50630
CT12065 CTM50650
CT12070 CTM50550
CT12100 CTM51102
CT12105 CTM51105
CT12110 CTM51110
CT12114 CTM51140
CT12115 CTM51150
CT12116 CTM51160
CT12117 CTM51170
CT12118 CTM51180
CT12119 CTM51190
CT12120 CTM51200
CT12121 CTM51210
CT12122 CTM51220
CT12123 CTM51230
CT12124 CTM51240
CT12130 CTM51305
CT12131 CTM51310
CT12132 CTM51320
CT12133 CTM51330
CT12141 CTM51410
CT12142 CTM51420
CT12143 CTM51430
CT12144 CTM51440
CT12145 CTM51450
CT12146 CTM51460
CT12147 CTM51470
CT12148 CTM51480
CT12150 CTM51490
CT12160 CTM51610
CT12165 CTM51650
CT12166 CTM51660
CT12167 CTM51670
CT12170 CTM51705
CT12171 CTM51710
CT12172 CTM51720
CT12174 CTM51740
CT12175 CTM51750
CT12180 CTM51705
CT12181 CTM51760
CT12190 CTM51770
CT12191 CTM51780
CT12200 CTM51790
CT12220 CTM51810
CT12221 CTM51820
CT12300 CTM53110
CT12305 CTM53120
CT12310 CTM53205
CT12311 CTM53210
CT12312 CTM53220
CT12313 CTM53230
CT12314 CTM53240
CT12315 CTM53250
CT12316 CTM53260
CT12320 CTM53150
CT12322 CTM53160
CT12326 CTM53170
CT12327 CTM53180
CT12330 CTM53305
CT12331 CTM53310
CT12332 CTM53320
CT12340 CTM53340
CT12341 CTM53350
CT12345 CTM53360
CT12350 CTM53130
CT12351 CTM53140
CT12355 CTM53510
CT12356 CTM53510
CT12357 CTM53530
CT12358 CTM53540
CT12359 CTM53550
CT12360 CTM53560
CT12361 CTM53570
CT12363 CTM53580
CT12365 CTM53590
CT12370 CTM53410
CT12371 CTM53420
CT12372 CTM53430
CT12390 CTM53190
CT12400 CTM53605
CT12401 CTM53610
CT12402 CTM53620
CT12403 CTM53630
CT12404 CTM53640
CT12405 CTM53650
CT12406 CTM53660
CT12420 CTM53705
CT12421 CTM53710
CT12422 CTM53720
CT12426 CTM53740
CT12430 CTM53730
CT12440 CTM53520
CT12450 CTM53805
CT12451 CTM53810
CT12452 CTM53820
CT12453 CTM53820
CT12454 CTM53840
CT12455 CTM53850
CT12456 CTM53860
CT12460 CTM53830
CT12465 CTM53870
CT12466 CTM53880
CT12467 CTM53880
CT12468 CTM53890
CT12470 CTM55705
CT12471 CTM55710
CT12474 CTM55740
CT12475 CTM55750
CT12476 CTM55760
CT12480 CTM55110
CT12481 CTM55110
CT12485 CTM55150
CT12486 CTM55160
CT12490 CTM55170
CT12495 CTM55180
CT12500 CTM55190
CT12510 CTM55210
CT12511 CTM55215
CT12520 CTM55220
CT12521 CTM55230
CT12525 CTM55250
CT12526 CTM55260
CT12530 CTM55270
CT12531 CTM55280
CT12550 CTM55310
CT12551 CTM55320
CT12555 CTM55350
CT12557 CTM55610
CT12558 CTM55620
CT12570 CTM55410
CT12571 CTM55420
CT12572 CTM55430
CT12573 CTM55450
CT12580 CTM55460
CT12581 CTM55470
CT12585 CTM55510
CT12586 CTM55520
CT12587 CTM55530
CT12588 CTM55540
CT12600 CTM56105
CT12601 CTM56110
CT12602 CTM56120
CT12603 CTM56130
CT12604 CTM56140
CT12605 CTM56150
CT12606 CTM56160
CT12607 CTM56170
CT12608 CTM56180
CT12620 CTM56205
CT12621 CTM56210
CT12622 CTM56220
CT12623 CTM56230
CT12624 CTM56240
CT12625 CTM56250
CT12626 CTM56260
CT12627 CTM56270
CT12630 CTM56305
CT12631 CTM56310
CT12632 CTM56320
CT12633 CTM56330
CT12640 CTM56340
CT12641 CTM56350
CT12645 CTM56360
CT12650 CTM56505
CT12651 CTM56510
CT12652 CTM56520
CT12653 CTM56530
CT12654 CTM56540
CT12660 CTM51620
CT12670 CTM56705
CT12671 CTM56710
CT12672 CTM56720
CT12673 CTM56730
CT12674 CTM56740
CT12680 CTM56750
CT12681 CTM56750
CT12685 CTM56760
CT12686 CTM56770
CT12687 CTM56780
CT12688 CTM56790
CT12689 CTM56790
CT12690 CTM57050
CT12700 CTM57105
CT12701 CTM57110
CT12702 CTM57120
CT12703 CTM57130
CT12704 CTM57140
CT12705 CTM57150
CT12706 CTM57160
CT12707 CTM57170
CT12720 CTM57205
CT12721 CTM57210
CT12722 CTM57220
CT12730 CTM57305
CT12731 CTM57310
CT12732 CTM57320
CT12740 CTM57405
CT12741 CTM57410
CT12742 CTM57420
CT12746 CTM57460
CT12750 CTM57505
CT12751 CTM57510
CT12752 CTM57515
CT12755 CTM57520
CT12760 CTM57530
CT12765 CTM57540
CT12766 CTM57550
CT12770 CTM57560
CT12771 CTM57570
CT12775 CTM57590
CT12780 CTM57580
CT12785 CTM57610
CT12786 CTM57620
CT12787 CTM57630
CT12788 CTM57640
CT12800 CTM50805
CT12806 CTM50810
CT12810 CTM50820
CT12815 CTM50815
CT12816 CTM50825
CT12817 CTM50830
CT12821 CTM50835
CT12826 CTM50840
CT12827 CTM50845
CT12828 CTM50850
CT12829 CTM50855
CT12836 CTM50860
CT12841 CTM50865
CT12870 CTM50870
CT12900 CTM59105
CT12903 CTM59110
CT12904 CTM59115
CT12905 CTM59120
CT12910 CTM59125
CT12913 CTM59130
CT12917 CTM59135
CT12920 CTM59140
CT12921 CTM59145
CT12926 CTM59150
CT12927 CTM59155
CT12931 CTM59160
CT12935 CTM59165
CT12936 CTM59165
CT12939 CTM59170
CT12940 CTM59175
CT12944 CTM59180
CT12945 CTM59180
CT12946 CTM59185
CT12948 CTM59190
CT12949 CTM59195
CT12956 CTM59205
CT12957 CTM59210
CT12958 CTM59215
CT12959 CTM59220
CT12966 CTM59225
CT12975 CTM59230
CT12976 CTM59235
CT12977 CTM59240
CT12978 CTM59245
CT12979 CTM59250
CT12980 CTM59255
CT12981 CTM59260
CT12982 CTM59305
CT12983 CTM59310
CT12984 CTM59345
CT12985 CTM59320
CT12986 CTM59325
CT12987 CTM59330
CT12988 CTM59335
CT12989 CTM59340
CT12991 CTM59405
CT12992 CTM59410
CT12993 CTM59415
CT12994 CTM59420
CT13000 CTM59425
CT13001 CTM59430
CT13002 CTM59435
CT13003 CTM59440
CT13005 CTM59445
CT13007 CTM59450
CT13020 CTM59505
CT13021 CTM59510
CT13022 CTM59515
CT13023 CTM59520
CT13024 CTM59525
CT13025 CTM59530
CT13026 CTM59535
CT13027 CTM59540
CT13028 CTM59545
CT13029 CTM59550
CT13030 CTM59555
CT13031 CTM59560
CT13032 CTM59560
CT13033 CTM59565
CT13034 CTM59565
CT13035 CTM59570
CT13036 CTM59570
CT13037 CTM59575
CT13038 CTM59575
CT13039 CTM59580
CT13040 CTM59580
CT13041 CTM59585
CT13042 CTM59585
CT13043 CTM59590
CT13044 CTM59590
CT13045 CTM59595
CT13046 CTM59595
CT13047 CTM59600
CT13048 CTM59600
CT13049 CTM59605
CT13050 CTM59605
CT13051 CTM59610
CT13052 CTM59610
CT13053 CTM59615
CT13054 CTM59615
CT13055 CTM59620
CT13056 CTM59620
CT13057 CTM59625
CT13058 CTM59625
CT13059 CTM59630
CT13060 CTM59630
CT13061 CTM59635
CT13062 CTM59635
CT13069 CTM59640
CT13070 CTM59705
CT13071 CTM59710
CT13072 CTM59715
CT13080 CTM59805
CT13081 CTM59810
CT13085 CTM59815