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HMRC internal manual

Company Taxation Manual

Destination & derivation tables for CT to CTM conversion: Destination table for pages CT13200 - CT13723

CT paragraphs in ascending order Converted to CTM paragraph number
CT13200 CTM72060
CT13201 CTM72070
CT13202 CTM72070
CT13203 CTM72080
CT13204 CTM72090
CT13210 CTM72105
CT13211 CTM72110
CT13212 CTM72120
CT13213 CTM72130
CT13216 CTM72160
CT13217 CTM72170
CT13218 CTM72180
CT13219 CTM72190
CT13220 CTM72200
CT13221 CTM72210
CT13222 CTM72220
CT13223 CTM72230
CT13224 CTM72240
CT13225 CTM72250
CT13226 CTM72260
CT13227 CTM72270
CT13240 CTM72410
CT13241 CTM72420
CT13246 CTM72460
CT13247 CTM72470
CT13248 CTM72480
CT13249 CTM72490
CT13250 CTM72500
CT13251 CTM72510
CT13252 CTM72520
CT13256 CTM72560
CT13257 CTM72570
CT13258 CTM72580
CT13259 CTM72590
CT13260 CTM72600
CT13261 CTM72610
CT13262 CTM72620
CT13263 CTM72630
CT13266 CTM72660
CT13267 CTM72670
CT13268 CTM72680
CT13271 CTM72710
CT13272 CTM72720
CT13273 CTM72730
CT13274 CTM72740
CT13275 CTM72750
CT13280 CTM72800
CT13281 CTM72810
CT13282 CTM72820
CT13283 CTM72830
CT13286 CTM72860
CT13287 CTM72870
CT13288 CTM72880
CT13289 CTM72890
CT13300 CTM73060
CT13301 CTM73070
CT13302 CTM73080
CT13303 CTM73090
CT13304 CTM73095
CT13307 CTM73110
CT13308 CTM73120
CT13309 CTM73130
CT13310 CTM73140
CT13311 CTM73150
CT13312 CTM73160
CT13313 CTM73170
CT13314 CTM73180
CT13315 CTM73190
CT13316 CTM73200
CT13317 CTM73210
CT13318 CTM73220
CT13319 CTM73230
CT13320 CTM73240
CT13321 CTM73250
CT13322 CTM73255
CT13326 CTM73260
CT13327 CTM73270
CT13328 CTM73280
CT13329 CTM73290
CT13331 CTM73310
CT13332 CTM73320
CT13333 CTM73330
CT13334 CTM73340
CT13338 CTM73380
CT13339 CTM73390
CT13340 CTM73400
CT13343 CTM73430
CT13344 CTM73440
CT13346 CTM73505
CT13347 CTM73510
CT13348 CTM73515
CT13350 CTM73525
CT13351 CTM73530
CT13352 CTM73535
CT13353 CTM73540
CT13354 CTM73545
CT13355 CTM73550
CT13356 CTM73560
CT13360 CTM73580
CT13361 CTM73590
CT13366 CTM73610
CT13367 CTM73620
CT13368 CTM73630
CT13369 CTM73640
CT13370 CTM73650
CT13371 CTM73660
CT13372 CTM73670
CT13376 CTM73760
CT13377 CTM73770
CT13378 CTM73780
CT13379 CTM73790
CT13383 CTM73830
CT13384 CTM73840
CT13385 CTM73850
CT13386 CTM73860
CT13387 CTM73870
CT13391 CTM73910
CT13392 CTM73920
CT13393 CTM73930
CT13451 CTM74060
CT13452 CTM74070
CT13453 CTM74530
CT13454 CTM74540
CT13455 CTM74550
CT13456 CTM74560
CT13457 CTM74570
CT13458 CTM74580
CT13459 CTM74590
CT13460 CTM74595
CT13465 CTM74610
CT13466 CTM74620
CT13467 CTM74630
CT13468 CTM74640
CT13469 CTM74640
CT13470 CTM74650
CT13471 CTM74650
CT13472 CTM74660
CT13473 CTM74670
CT13474 CTM74680
CT13479 CTM74710
CT13480 CTM74720
CT13481 CTM74730
CT13482 CTM74740
CT13486 CTM74810
CT13487 CTM74820
CT13490 CTM74830
CT13491 CTM74840
CT13492 CTM74850
CT13493 CTM74860
CT13494 CTM74870
CT13497 CTM74910
CT13498 CTM74920
CT13501 CTM74110
CT13502 CTM74120
CT13503 CTM74130
CT13504 CTM74140
CT13505 CTM74150
CT13506 CTM74160
CT13507 CTM74160
CT13508 CTM74180
CT13509 CTM74190
CT13510 CTM74200
CT13511 CTM74210
CT13512 CTM74220
CT13513 CTM74230
CT13514 CTM74240
CT13515 CTM74250
CT13520 CTM74310
CT13521 CTM74320
CT13522 CTM74330
CT13523 CTM74340
CT13524 CTM74350
CT13525 CTM74360
CT13526 CTM74370
CT13530 CTM74410
CT13531 CTM74420
CT13532 CTM74430
CT13533 CTM74440
CT13540 CTM75420
CT13541 CTM75410
CT13545 CTM75450
CT13546 CTM75460
CT13547 CTM75470
CT13548 CTM75480
CT13549 CTM75490
CT13550 CTM75500
CT13553 CTM75530
CT13554 CTM75540
CT13557 CTM75570
CT13558 CTM75580
CT13561 CTM75610
CT13562 CTM75620
CT13563 CTM75630
CT13564 CTM75640
CT13565 CTM75650
CT13566 CTM75660
CT13567 CTM75670
CT13568 CTM75680
CT13569 CTM75690
CT13571 CTM75695
CT13573 CTM75730
CT13574 CTM75740
CT13575 CTM75750
CT13576 CTM75760
CT13577 CTM75770
CT13578 CTM75780
CT13581 CTM75790
CT13584 CTM75840
CT13585 CTM75850
CT13586 CTM75860
CT13587 CTM75870
CT13588 CTM75880
CT13589 CTM75890
CT13590 CTM75900
CT13591 CTM75910
CT13592 CTM75920
CT13596 CTM75960
CT13597 CTM75970
CT13598 CTM75980
CT13599 CTM75990
CT13605 CTM75940
CT13606 CTM75930
CT13620 CTM76205
CT13621 CTM76210
CT13622 CTM76220
CT13623 CTM76230
CT13626 CTM76260
CT13627 CTM76270
CT13628 CTM76280
CT13629 CTM76290
CT13631 CTM76310
CT13632 CTM76320
CT13636 CTM76360
CT13637 CTM76370
CT13638 CTM76380
CT13639 CTM76390
CT13640 CTM76400
CT13644 CTM76440
CT13645 CTM76450
CT13646 CTM76460
CT13647 CTM76470
CT13649 CTM76490
CT13650 CTM76480
CT13651 CTM76495
CT13660 CTM76510
CT13663 CTM76520
CT13664 CTM76530
CT13665 CTM76540
CT13666 CTM76550
CT13667 CTM76560
CT13668 CTM76570
CT13669 CTM76580
CT13672 CTM76590
CT13673 CTM76600
CT13674 CTM76610
CT13677 CTM76620
CT13678 CTM76630
CT13679 CTM76640
CT13680 CTM76650
CT13681 CTM76660
CT13682 CTM76670
CT13683 CTM76680
CT13684 CTM76690
CT13685 CTM76700
CT13686 CTM76710
CT13687 CTM76720
CT13688 CTM76730
CT13691 CTM76740
CT13692 CTM76750
CT13693 CTM76760
CT13694 CTM76770
CT13695 CTM76780
CT13696 CTM76790
CT13699 CTM76800
CT13700 CTM76810
CT13706 CTM76820
CT13707 CTM76830
CT13708 CTM76840
CT13709 CTM76850
CT13716 CTM76860
CT13719 CTM76870
CT13722 CTM76880
CT13723 CTM76890