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HMRC internal manual

Company Taxation Manual

Destination & derivation tables for CT to CTM conversion: Destination table for pages CT13730 - CT14210

CT paragraphs in ascending order Converted to CTM paragraph number
CT13730 CTM77110
CT13731 CTM77120
CT13734 CTM77130
CT13735 CTM77140
CT13736 CTM77150
CT13739 CTM77160
CT13742 CTM77170
CT13745 CTM77180
CT13748 CTM77480
CT13749 CTM77490
CT13750 CTM77500
CT13751 CTM77510
CT13752 CTM77520
CT13753 CTM77530
CT13754 CTM77540
CT13755 CTM77550
CT13756 CTM77560
CT13757 CTM77570
CT13758 CTM77580
CT13759 CTM77590
CT13760 CTM77600
CT13761 CTM77610
CT13762 CTM77620
CT13766 CTM77210
CT13767 CTM77220
CT13768 CTM77230
CT13769 CTM77240
CT13770 CTM77250
CT13771 CTM77260
CT13772 CTM77270
CT13773 CTM77280
CT13774 CTM77290
CT13775 CTM77300
CT13776 CTM77310
CT13780 CTM77320
CT13781 CTM77330
CT13782 CTM77340
CT13786 CTM77860
CT13787 CTM77870
CT13788 CTM77880
CT13789 CTM77890
CT13790 CTM77900
CT13791 CTM77910
CT13792 CTM77920
CT13793 CTM77930
CT13796 CTM77960
CT13797 CTM77970
CT13798 CTM77980
CT13799 CTM77990
CT13800 CTM77940
CT13810 CTM78105
CT13811 CTM78110
CT13812 CTM78120
CT13813 CTM78130
CT13814 CTM78140
CT13815 CTM78150
CT13816 CTM78160
CT13817 CTM78170
CT13818 CTM78180
CT13819 CTM78190
CT13820 CTM78200
CT13824 CTM78240
CT13825 CTM78250
CT13826 CTM78260
CT13827 CTM78270
CT13828 CTM78280
CT13830 CTM78310
CT13831 CTM78310
CT13832 CTM78310
CT13833 CTM78330
CT13834 CTM78340
CT13835 CTM78350
CT13836 CTM78360
CT13837 CTM78370
CT13838 CTM78380
CT13839 CTM78390
CT13840 CTM78395
CT13846 CTM78460
CT13847 CTM78470
CT13848 CTM78480
CT13849 CTM78490
CT13850 CTM78500
CT13851 CTM78510
CT13852 CTM78520
CT13853 CTM78530
CT13854 CTM78540
CT13860 CTM78600
CT13861 CTM78610
CT13862 CTM78620
CT13863 CTM78630
CT13864 CTM78640
CT13865 CTM78650
CT13866 CTM78660
CT13867 CTM78670
CT13868 CTM78680
CT13871 CTM78710
CT13872 CTM78720
CT13873 CTM78730
CT13880 CTM79060
CT13881 CTM79070
CT13882 CTM79080
CT13886 CTM79405
CT13887 CTM79410
CT13890 CTM79415
CT13891 CTM79420
CT13892 CTM79425
CT13893 CTM79430
CT13894 CTM79435
CT13895 CTM79440
CT13896 CTM79445
CT13897 CTM79450
CT13898 CTM79455
CT13899 CTM79460
CT13900 CTM79465
CT13902 CTM79470
CT13905 CTM79475
CT13906 CTM79480
CT13911 CTM79110
CT13912 CTM79120
CT13913 CTM79130
CT13914 CTM79140
CT13915 CTM79150
CT13916 CTM79160
CT13917 CTM79170
CT13918 CTM79180
CT13919 CTM79190
CT13920 CTM79200
CT13921 CTM79210
CT13922 CTM79220
CT13923 CTM79230
CT13924 CTM79240
CT13925 CTM79250
CT13929 CTM79290
CT13930 CTM79300
CT13931 CTM79310
CT13932 CTM79320
CT13933 CTM79330
CT13934 CTM79340
CT13935 CTM79350
CT13936 CTM79610
CT13937 CTM79620
CT13938 CTM79630
CT13939 CTM79640
CT13940 CTM79650
CT13941 CTM79660
CT13942 CTM79670
CT13946 CTM79710
CT13947 CTM79720
CT13948 CTM79730
CT13949 CTM79740
CT13953 CTM79750
CT13955 CTM79930
CT13957 CTM79910
CT13959 CTM79810
CT13960 CTM79820
CT13961 CTM79830
CT13962 CTM79840
CT13963 CTM79850
CT13964 CTM79860
CT13965 CTM79870
CT13966 CTM79880
CT13967 CTM79890
CT13970 CTM79920
CT14010 CTM76000
CT14020 CTM76010
CT14030 CTM76030
CT14040 CTM76040
CT14050 CTM76050
CT14060 CTM76060
CT14065 CTM76065
CT14070 CTM76070
CT14071 CTM76071
CT14073 CTM76073
CT14075 CTM76075
CT14090 CTM76090
CT14100 CTM76100
CT14120 CTM76120
CT14130 CTM76130
CT14140 CTM76140
CT14150 CTM76150
CT14160 CTM76160
CT14170 CTM76170
CT14180 CTM76180
CT14200 CTM76020
CT14210 CTM76190