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HMRC internal manual

Company Taxation Manual

Destination & derivation tables for CT to CTM conversion: Destination table for pages CT6000 - CT9696

CT paragraphs in ascending order Converted to CTM paragraph number
CT6000 CTM60055
CT6001 CTM60060
CT6002 CTM60070
CT6100 CTM60102
CT6101 CTM60105
CT6110 CTM60107
CT6111 CTM60110
CT6112 CTM60120
CT6113 CTM60130
CT6114 CTM60140
CT6115 CTM60150
CT6116 CTM60160
CT6117 CTM60170
CT6125 CTM60180
CT6200 CTM60200
CT6201 CTM60210
CT6202 CTM60220
CT6203 CTM60230
CT6204 CTM60240
CT6205 CTM60250
CT6206 CTM60260
CT6207 CTM60270
CT6208 CTM60280
CT6209 CTM60290
CT6210 CTM60300
CT6211 CTM60310
CT6211a CTM60310
CT6211b CTM60310
CT6211c CTM60310
CT6211d CTM60310
CT6211d CTM60310
CT6211e CTM60310
CT6211f CTM60310
CT6302 CTM60320
CT6400 CTM60400
CT6420 CTM60420
CT6420a CTM60420
CT6600 CTM60510
CT6601 CTM60520
CT6609 CTM60550
CT6610 CTM60600
CT6611 CTM60610
CT6612 CTM60620
CT6616 CTM60660
CT6617 CTM60670
CT6618 CTM60680
CT6619 CTM60690
CT6620 CTM60530
CT6635 CTM61050
CT6636 CTM61060
CT6637 CTM61070
CT6638 CTM61080
CT6639 CTM61090
CT6640 CTM61100
CT6642 CTM61120
CT6643 CTM61130
CT6645 CTM61150
CT6650a CTM61505
CT6650b CTM61510
CT6650c CTM61515
CT6650d CTM61520
CT6650e CTM61525
CT6650f CTM61530
CT6651 CTM61535
CT6652 CTM61550
CT6654 CTM61540
CT6656 CTM61560
CT6661 CTM61600
CT6662a CTM61605
CT6662b CTM61610
CT6662c CTM61615
CT6662d CTM61620
CT6663 CTM61630
CT6664 CTM61640
CT6665 CTM61650
CT6667 CTM61670
CT6668 CTM61680
CT6669 CTM61690
CT6670 CTM61700
CT6671 CTM61710
CT6672 CTM61720
CT6673 CTM61730
CT6674 CTM61740
CT6675 CTM61750
CT6679 CTM61790
CT6680 CTM61625
CT6700 CTM60705
CT6701 CTM60710
CT6702 CTM60720
CT6703 CTM60730
CT6704 CTM60740
CT6705 CTM60750
CT6706 CTM60760
CT6707 CTM60770
CT6708 CTM60780
CT6709 CTM60790
CT9100 CTM80105
CT9110 CTM80110
CT9115 CTM80115
CT9120 CTM80120
CT9125 CTM80125
CT9130 CTM80130
CT9135 CTM80135
CT9136 CTM80136
CT9140 CTM80140
CT9141 CTM80141
CT9142 CTM80142
CT9143 CTM80143
CT9145 CTM80145
CT9150 CTM80150
CT9155 CTM80155
CT9160 CTM80160
CT9165 CTM80165
CT9170 CTM80170
CT9175 CTM80175
CT9180 CTM80180
CT9185 CTM80185
CT9190 CTM80190
CT9195 CTM80195
CT9200 CTM80200
CT9205 CTM80205
CT9210 CTM80210
CT9215 CTM80215
CT9220 CTM80220
CT9225 CTM80225
CT9230 CTM80230
CT9235 CTM80235
CT9240 CTM80240
CT9245 CTM80245
CT9250 CTM80250
CT9255 CTM80255
CT9260 CTM80260
CT9265 CTM80265
CT9270 CTM80270
CT9300 CTM80300
CT9305 CTM80305
CT9310 CTM80310
CT9315 CTM80315
CT9320 CTM80320
CT9325 CTM80325
CT9330 CTM80330
CT9335 CTM80335
CT9340 CTM80340
CT9345 CTM80345
CT9350 CTM80350
CT9355 CTM80355
CT9360 CTM80360
CT9365 CTM80365
CT9370 CTM80370
CT9400 CTM80400
CT9405 CTM80405
CT9410 CTM80410
CT9415 CTM80415
CT9435 CTM80435
CT9440 CTM80440
CT9445 CTM80445
CT9450 CTM80450
CT9500 CTM80502
CT9505 CTM80505
CT9510 CTM80510
CT9515 CTM80515
CT9520 CTM80520
CT9525 CTM80525
CT9530 CTM80530
CT9535 CTM80535
CT9540 CTM80540
CT9545 CTM80545
CT9550 CTM80550
CT9555 CTM80555
CT9560 CTM80560
CT9570 CTM80570
CT9580 CTM80580
CT9585 CTM80585
CT9599 CTM80590
CT9600 CTM80600
CT9605 CTM80605
CT9610 CTM80605
CT9615 CTM80615
CT9620 CTM80620
CT9625 CTM80625
CT9630 CTM80630
CT9635 CTM80635
CT9640 CTM80640
CT9670 CTM80670
CT9675 CTM80675
CT9680 CTM80680
CT9685 CTM80685
CT9690 CTM80690
CT9695 CTM80695
CT9696 CTM80696