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HMRC internal manual

Company Taxation Manual

Destination & derivation tables for CT to CTM conversion: Destination table for pages CT3800 - CT4762

CT paragraphs in ascending order Converted to CTM paragraph number
CT3800 CTM49105
CT3801 CTM49110
CT3802 CTM49120
CT3803 CTM49130
CT3806 CTM49140
CT3815 CTM49155
CT3816 CTM49160
CT3817 CTM49170
CT3818 CTM49180
CT3818a CTM49185
CT3819 CTM49190
CT3820 CTM49200
CT3821 CTM49210
CT3822 CTM49220
CT3823 CTM49230
CT3825 CTM49250
CT3826 CTM49260
CT3828 CTM49280
CT3829 CTM49290
CT3830 CTM49270
CT3831 CTM49310
CT3832 CTM49320
CT3833 CTM49330
CT3834 CTM49340
CT3835 CTM49350
CT3836 CTM49360
CT3836a CTM49365
CT3836b CTM49367
CT3837 CTM49370
CT3838 CTM49380
CT3839 CTM49390
CT3840 CTM49405
CT3841 CTM49410
CT3842 CTM49415
CT3842A CTM49420
CT3842B CTM49420
CT3842C CTM49420
CT3842D CTM49424
CT3842E CTM49424
CT3842F CTM49426
CT3842G CTM49428
CT3843 CTM49430
CT3844 CTM49440
CT3845 CTM49450
CT3846 CTM49460
CT3847 CTM49470
CT3847A CTM49475
CT3848 CTM49480
CT3848A CTM49485
CT3848B CTM49488
CT3849 CTM49490
CT3850 CTM49500
CT3851 CTM49510
CT3852 CTM49520
CT3856 CTM49560
CT3857 CTM49570
CT3858 CTM49580
CT3859 CTM49590
CT3860 CTM49600
CT3861 CTM49610
CT3862 CTM49620
CT3863 CTM49630
CT3864 CTM49640
CT3865 CTM49650
CT3900 CTM40055
CT3901 CTM40060
CT3902 CTM40065
CT3920 CTM40105
CT3922 CTM40110
CT3923 CTM40115
CT3924 CTM40120
CT3925 CTM40125
CT3926 CTM40130
CT3927 CTM40135
CT3928 CTM40140
CT3950 CTM40155
CT3951 CTM40160
CT3952 CTM40165
CT3970 CTM41290
CT3980 CTM40200
CT4021 CTM40305
CT4022 CTM40310
CT4023 CTM40315
CT4024 CTM40315
CT4025 CTM40320
CT4026 CTM40325
CT4027 CTM40330
CT4028 CTM40335
CT4028a CTM40340
CT4029 CTM40345
CT4063 CTM40355
CT4064 CTM40360
CT4065 CTM40365
CT4070 CTM40405
CT4071 CTM40410
CT4072 CTM40415
CT4073 CTM40420
CT4074 CTM40425
CT4075 CTM40430
CT4076 CTM40435
CT4077 CTM40440
CT4078 CTM40445
CT4080 CTM40450
CT4083 CTM40455
CT4088 CTM40460
CT4090 CTM40465
CT4093 CTM40470
CT4100 CTM40505
CT4102 CTM40510
CT4105 CTM40515
CT4106 CTM40520
CT4107 CTM40525
CT4108 CTM40530
CT4109 CTM40535
CT4110 CTM40540
CT4112 CTM40545
CT4116 CTM40550
CT4117 CTM40555
CT4120 CTM40560
CT4121 CTM40565
CT4122 CTM40570
CT4123 CTM40570
CT4130 CTM40575
CT4131 CTM40580
CT4132 CTM40585
CT4135 CTM40590
CT4136 CTM40595
CT4160 CTM40600
CT4300 CTM40650
CT4320 CTM40700
CT4370 CTM40750
CT4380 CTM40805
CT4385 CTM40810
CT4415 CTM40855
CT4416 CTM40860
CT4418 CTM40865
CT4419 CTM40870
CT4420 CTM40875
CT4422 CTM40880
CT4424 CTM40885
CT4430 CTM40890
CT4433 CTM40875
CT4436 CTM40895
CT4460 CTM40900
CT4480 CTM40955
CT4481 CTM40960
CT4482 CTM40965
CT4483 CTM40970
CT4484 CTM40975
CT4485 CTM40980
CT4486 CTM40985
CT4520 CTM41000
CT4620 CTM41100
CT4640 CTM41050
CT4660 CTM41150
CT4680 CTM41205
CT4681 CTM41210
CT4682 CTM41215
CT4683 CTM41220
CT4710 CTM41255
CT4711 CTM41260
CT4712 CTM41265
CT4713 CTM41270
CT4716 CTM41275
CT4717 CTM41280
CT4718 CTM41285
CT4750 CTM41305
CT4752 CTM41310
CT4754 CTM41315
CT4756 CTM41320
CT4758 CTM41325
CT4760 CTM41330
CT4762 CTM41335