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HMRC internal manual

Company Taxation Manual

Destination & derivation tables for CT to CTM conversion: Destination table for pages CT2990 - CT3689

CT paragraphs in ascending order Converted to CTM paragraph number
CT2990 CTM14105
CT2991 CTM14110
CT2992 CTM14115
CT2993 CTM14120
CT2994 CTM14125
CT2995 CTM14130
CT2996 CTM14135
CT2997 CTM14140
CT2998 CTM14145
CT2999 CTM14150
CT3000 CTM14155
CT3001 CTM14160
CT3002 CTM14165
CT3009 CTM14205
CT3010 CTM14210
CT3011 CTM14215
CT3012 CTM14220
CT3013 CTM14225
CT3014 CTM14230
CT3015 CTM14235
CT3016 CTM14240
CT3017 CTM14245
CT3018 CTM14250
CT3019 CTM14255
CT3020 CTM14260
CT3021 CTM14265
CT3022 CTM14270
CT3023 CTM14275
CT3024 CTM14280
CT3025 CTM14285
CT3030 CTM14300
CT3031 CTM14305
CT3032 CTM14310
CT3050 CTM03505
CT3051 CTM03510
CT3052 CTM03520
CT3053 CTM03530
CT3054 CTM03540
CT3055 CTM03550
CT3056 CTM03560
CT3057 CTM03570
CT3058 CTM03580
CT3059 CTM03590
CT3060 CTM03600
CT3064 CTM03640
CT3065 CTM03650
CT3067 CTM03670
CT3068 CTM03680
CT3069 CTM03690
CT3069a CTM03695
CT3070 CTM03700
CT3071 CTM03710
CT3073 CTM03730
CT3074 CTM03740
CT3075 CTM03750
CT3076 CTM03760
CT3076a CTM03765
CT3077 CTM03770
CT3079 CTM03790
CT3081 CTM03810
CT3083 CTM03830
CT3085 CTM03850
CT3100 CTM36105
CT3101 CTM36110
CT3103 CTM36115
CT3104 CTM36120
CT3110 CTM36125
CT3115 CTM36130
CT3120 CTM36135
CT3121 CTM36140
CT3122 CTM36145
CT3125 CTM36150
CT3126 CTM36155
CT3127 CTM36160
CT3200 CTM36180
CT3201 CTM36190
CT3210 CTM36185
CT3220 CTM36205
CT3221 CTM36210
CT3222 CTM36220
CT3223 CTM36230
CT3224 CTM36240
CT3250 CTM36505
CT3251 CTM36510
CT3252 CTM36520
CT3253 CTM36530
CT3254 CTM36540
CT3255 CTM36550
CT3256 CTM36560
CT3257 CTM36570
CT3258 CTM36580
CT3260 CTM36590
CT3261 CTM36610
CT3262 CTM36620
CT3263 CTM36630
CT3264 CTM36640
CT3265 CTM36650
CT3350 CTM34210
CT3351 CTM34220
CT3352 CTM34230
CT3355 CTM34240
CT3356 CTM34250
CT3360 CTM34260
CT3361 CTM34270
CT3411 CTM34110
CT3412 CTM34120
CT3413 CTM34130
CT3414 CTM34140
CT3415 CTM34160
CT3416 CTM34160
CT3417 CTM34170
CT3418 CTM34180
CT3419 CTM34190
CT3420 CTM34195
CT3430 CTM34060
CT3431 CTM34070
CT3432 CTM34080
CT3435 CTM34300
CT3436 CTM34300
CT3437 CTM34300
CT3438 CTM34300
CT3439 CTM34300
CT3440 CTM34300
CT3441 CTM34300
CT3442 CTM34300
CT3443 CTM34300
CT3444 CTM34300
CT3445 CTM34300
CT3446 CTM34300
CT3447 CTM34300
CT3448 CTM34300
CT3449 CTM34300
CT3450 CTM34505
CT3451 CTM34510
CT3453 CTM34530
CT3456 CTM34560
CT3459 CTM34590
CT3460 CTM34600
CT3461 CTM34610
CT3462 CTM34620
CT3470 CTM34700
CT3471 CTM34710
CT3472 CTM34720
CT3473 CTM34730
CT3474 CTM34740
CT3475 CTM34750
CT3476 CTM34760
CT3477 CTM34770
CT3670 CTM36705
CT3671 CTM36710
CT3671a CTM36715
CT3672 CTM36720
CT3672a CTM36725
CT3673 CTM36730
CT3673a CTM36735
CT3674 CTM36740
CT3674a CTM36745
CT3675 CTM36750
CT3675a CTM36755
CT3676 CTM36760
CT3676a CTM36765
CT3677 CTM36770
CT3677a CTM36775
CT3678 CTM36780
CT3678a CTM36785
CT3679 CTM36790
CT3680 CTM36805
CT3681 CTM36810
CT3681a CTM36815
CT3682 CTM36820
CT3682a CTM36825
CT3683 CTM36830
CT3683a CTM36835
CT3684 CTM36840
CT3684a CTM36845
CT3685 CTM36850
CT3685a CTM36855
CT3686 CTM36860
CT3686a CTM36865
CT3687 CTM36870
CT3687a CTM36875
CT3688 CTM36880
CT3688a CTM36885
CT3689 CTM36890