Use software to help complete your Self Assessment tax return

Use Self Assessment software to help populate your Self Assessment tax return.

Some commercial Self Assessment software includes a feature that allows you to get details from HMRC to help you complete your tax return, including:

  • PAYE details – such as your income from employment and private pensions
  • taxable social security benefits
  • National Insurance details if you’re self-employed
  • Marriage Allowance information

What you’ll need

To use the feature you’ll need:

How to use the feature

If your software is compatible, it will ask you to grant authority to access the data from HMRC on your behalf. The authority lasts for 18 months, but you can check or withdraw your permissions at any time.

Once you have allowed your software to contact HMRC it will automatically get the information and enter it into the relevant sections of your tax return.

Get help

If you have problems using the feature you should contact:

Contact the HMRC Income Tax Helpline if you think the details that you have received from HMRC are wrong.

Published 1 May 2019