Teacher assessment exemplification: KS1 English reading

Examples of pupils' work to demonstrate teacher assessment (TA) judgements in English reading at the end of key stage 1 in 2019.

Teachers can use these materials to inform the judgements they make against the statutory TA framework for English reading at the end of key stage 1.

They illustrate how the ‘pupil can’ statements in the statutory TA framework might be met. They do not dictate a particular method of teaching or the evidence expected from the classroom.

If teachers are confident in their judgements they do not need to refer to these materials. The materials are provided to help teachers make their judgements where they want additional guidance.

Local authorities may also find the materials useful to support external moderation visits. Moderators should not expect or require teachers to provide specific evidence similar to the examples in this document.


Working towards the expected standard

Working at the expected standard

Working at greater depth within the expected standard

Published 11 December 2018