National curriculum assessments: key stage 1 tests

Guidance for headteachers, teachers and test administrators involved in administering the national curriculum tests for key stage 1.

Use this information to:

  • check important dates for the key stage 1 test cycle
  • understand your statutory requirements for the key stage 1 tests
  • administer the tests
  • use appropriate access arrangements
  • keep test materials secure

Your school will also receive printed copies of the test administration instructions with the test materials. These are not available on GOV.UK as they contain live test material. Details on the format, equipment and assistance that must be used for each test is available in the key stage 1: test administration guidance.

Key stage 1 assessment and reporting arrangements

Key stage 1 planner

  1. National curriculum assessments calendar

    • Guidance

Keeping materials secure

Access arrangements

Test administration

  1. Key stage 1 and key stage 2 test dates

    • Guidance
  2. Scaled scores at key stage 1

    • Guidance


Published 12 September 2016
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