KS1 English reading exemplification - working towards the expected standard

Examples of pupils' work to demonstrate teacher assessment (TA) judgements in English reading at the end of key stage 1 in 2019.


2018 teacher assessment exemplification: English reading - working towards the expected standard


Teachers can use these materials to inform the judgements they make against the statutory TA framework for English reading at the end of key stage 1.

These materials exemplify working towards the expected standard, and are for use with the 2018/2019 teacher assessment (TA) frameworks.

Using the materials

You should use this document alongside the video clip below.

In response to feedback, we have now provided more footage to ensure that each standard has an example and that all of the ‘pupil can’ statements are evidenced. You may wish to access the material in instalments. You can pause and make a note of the time elapsed during each video and then easily return to the same place later.

Example 1: Pupil A


Published 10 December 2018