Project and programme management

Essential resources for project delivery professionals leading, managing or involved in projects or programmes in government.

The Infrastructure and Projects Authority (IPA) supports the successful delivery of infrastructure and major government projects by working with government departments and industry. Its support includes offering expertise in all aspects of project delivery.

This page is for project delivery professionals who are seeking guidance on managing projects or programmes.

Refer to the IPA’s assurance review toolkit for guidance on carrying out assurance reviews.

Guidance to follow

The Government Functional Project Delivery Standard

The Government Functional Project Delivery Standard sets out expectations for the direction and management of all government portfolios, programmes and projects.

It contains 7 main elements:

  1. The purpose and scope of the standard
  2. Principles for directing and managing portfolios, programmes and projects
  3. Overview of portfolio, programme and project management
  4. Governance and roles of portfolios, programmes and projects
  5. Portfolio management
  6. Programme and project management
  7. Practices which support project delivery

The IPA’s Guide to Effective Benefits Management in Major Projects provides further guidance for major project teams when undertaking benefits management.

The IPA has also published guidance on The Role of the Senior Responsible Owner which sets out requirements and expectations for Senior Responsible Owners (SROs) of government projects.

In July 2020 the IPA published Project principles for success which are intended as core propositions to be used to guide thinking and behaviour in project delivery.

The Treasury Green Book

The Treasury Green Book provides guidance for public sector bodies on how to appraise proposals before committing funds to a policy, programme or project.

This also includes templates for business cases.

Useful resources

The IPA’s Project Initiation Routemap is a helpful tool when starting a project.

Axelos best practice guides cover a range of topics including project management, programme management and risk management. These include Managing Successful Programmes and PRINCE2.

Professional bodies also provide helpful information on project delivery. These include the:

For delivering major Transformation projects, you should also refer to the 7 Lenses of Transformation, a consistent framework and common language for designing and evaluating large government transformation projects.

The profession should feel like a great place to be, whoever you are and whatever your background. That is why we have published our Diversity and Inclusion Strategy 2020-23.

Published 24 August 2017
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