Product Recalls and Alerts

Information on OPSS product safety alerts, reports and recalls for unsafe products and resources for consumers, businesses and regulators.

Information on products that present a risk to health and safety is provided by the Office for Product Safety and Standards (OPSS) and available via the link below.

Images of featured recalls.

Further information on the pictured recalled products can be accessed via the following links:

Alert types

You can search the list to check products you own are safe and subscribe to email updates for new products added. The three types of alert added to the list are:

  • Product recalls – These are for specific products that have been sold in the UK and may require you to act to receive a free replacement, repair or refund from the manufacturer or a retailer.
  • Product safety reports – These are for specific products found in the UK where corrective measures other than a recall have either been ordered by an authority or are being undertaken voluntarily by a business.
  • Product safety alerts – These highlight product categories or sectors in the UK with risks of serious injury or fatality and where immediate steps are requested by OPSS from businesses, authorities and possibly consumers.


The regulation of product safety in the UK is the responsibility of market surveillance authorities (MSAs), including OPSS and local trading standards authorities. Where MSAs identify that a product is unsafe through investigations, or where they have been notified by a business that a product they have placed on the market is unsafe, this must be notified on the Product Safety Database.

Products which present a serious or high risk and those which have been recalled are published on the above list. MSAs may also submit other products for publication by notifying this to the UK Product Safety Contact Point within the OPSS Incident Management team

Further information

If you are a consumer and need to report a dangerous product or seek advice on your consumer rights, please contact Citizens Advice if you are based in England or Wales, Consumer Advice if you are based in Scotland or Consumerline if you are based in Northern Ireland.

If you are a business and need to notify your MSA of an unsafe product you have placed on the market, please read the guidance on business notifications of unsafe and noncompliant products.

The PAS 7100:2022 on Product Recall and Other Corrective Actions: Code of Practice is also available:

Access PAS 7100:2022 – BSI website

If you are an MSA and need to add a product to the list, please read the guidance on the notification of unsafe and noncompliant products.

Contact with any queries.

The OPSS Incident Management Plan is also available:

Read the OPSS Incident Management Plan.

Additional resources

Please note that this list does not cover food and drink, vehicles, or medicines and medical devices. The following sites contain further information on safety notices and recalls for these products:

The OECD Global Recall Portal also provides information on international recalls.

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