Check if a vehicle, part or accessory has been recalled

Find out if the manufacturer has recalled a vehicle, part or accessory because of a serious safety problem.

You need to get your car fixed or replaced by the manufacturer if there’s a problem. You will not usually have to pay for any repairs or parts.

If your vehicle has a serious safety defect, the manufacturer will write to you to tell you what to do. You must not drive the vehicle.

Check if a car has a safety recall

You can use the car registration number to check if it’s been recalled.

You can view:

  • safety recalls that have not been checked or fixed
  • the car’s MOT history

You’ll be told by the manufacturer if a car has been recalled for any reason other than safety.

If you do not know the registration number

You can check a car without knowing its registration number.

You need to know the manufacturer, model and year of manufacture.

Check other types of vehicle

You can check other types of vehicle for safety recalls. This includes:

  • motorcycles, quadricycles and motor trikes
  • buses, coaches and minibuses
  • lorries
  • caravans
  • horse boxes

You need to know the manufacturer, model and year of manufacture.

Check parts or accessories

You can check parts or accessories for safety recalls. This includes:

  • child car seats
  • seat belts and harnesses
  • tyres
  • components and parts
  • agricultural equipment

You need to know the manufacturer and model.

Check for any other registered faults

You can also check if the vehicle, part or accessory has a fault that’s been registered with the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA).

  1. Step 1 Check the vehicle before you buy it

    You'll need the vehicle's registration number, make, model and MOT test number. You also need to see the V5C vehicle registration certificate (log book).

    1. Check the details you've been given match DVLA's information
    2. Check the vehicle's MOT history
    3. You are currently viewing: Check if the vehicle has been recalled because of a safety issue
    4. Check the log book isn't for a stolen vehicle
  2. Step 2 Buy and register the vehicle

    Once you've bought the vehicle, you have to register it. How you register it depends on whether it has a V5C registration certificate (log book).

    1. Find out how to register your vehicle
    2. Get a vehicle log book if you don't have it £25
  3. and Register for MOT reminders

    You must get an MOT for your vehicle every year once it's 3 years old.

    1. Get a reminder when your MOT is due
  4. Step 3 Insure the vehicle

    You must have insurance before you can use your vehicle on the road.

    1. Check if your vehicle is insured on the Motor Insurance Database
    2. Read about vehicle insurance
  5. Step 4 Tax the vehicle