Vehicle recalls, issues and safety defects

Guidance and forms for vehicle recalls and safety defects, and lists of issues which could result in a safety issue occurring if they aren’t fixed.

Check for recalls and report safety defects

You need to get your vehicle, vehicle parts and accessories fixed or replaced by the manufacturer if they find a serious problem with them.

You can check if a vehicle model, part or accessory has been recalled, and find out more about vehicle recalls and faults.

Registered vehicle issues

These bulletins sets out vehicle issues that fall outside of the scope of a safety recall.

These are issues which could result in a safety issue occurring in the future if they aren’t fixed.

Codes of practice

The agreed codes of practice between the government and vehicle industry on how vehicle recalls and safety defects are dealt with.

Industry and manufacturer guides

How manufacturers should recall vehicles, and how the used vehicle industry should deal with recalled vehicles when selling them on.


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