Immigration Rules

Immigration Rules part 10: registering with the police

Registration with the police (paragraphs 325 to 326).

  1. 325. For the purposes of paragraph 326, a “relevant foreign national” is a person aged 16 or over who is:
    1. (i) a national or citizen of a country or territory listed in Appendix 2 to these Rules;
    2. (ii) a stateless person; or
    3. (iii) a person holding a non-national travel document.
  2. 326. (1) Subject to sub-paragraph (2) below, a condition requiring registration with the police should normally be imposed on any relevant foreign national who is:
    1. (i) given limited leave to enter the United Kingdom for longer than six months; or
    2. (ii) given limited leave to remain which has the effect of allowing him to remain in the United Kingdom for longer than six months, reckoned from the date of his arrival (whether or not such a condition was imposed when he arrived).
  1. (2) Such a condition should not normally be imposed where the leave is given:
    1. (i) as a seasonal agricultural worker;
    2. (ii) as a Tier 5 (Temporary Worker) Migrant, provided the Certificate of Sponsorship Checking System reference for which points were awarded records that the applicant is being sponsored as an overseas government employee or a private servant is a diplomatic household;
    3. (iii) as a Tier 2 (Minister of Religion) Migrant;
    4. (iv) on the basis of marriage to or civil partnership with a person settled in the United Kingdom or as the unmarried or same-sex partner of a person settled in the United Kingdom
    5. (v) as a person exercising access rights to a child resident in the United Kingdom;
    6. (vi) as the Parent of a Child Student; or
    7. (vii) following the grant of asylum.
  2. (3) Such a condition should also be imposed on any foreign national given limited leave to enter the United Kingdom where, exceptionally, the Immigration Officer considers it necessary to ensure that he complies with the terms of the leave.