Immigration Rules

Immigration Rules part 12: Procedure and rights of appeal

Procedure and rights of appeal

Fresh Claims

  1. 353. When a human rights or protection claim has been refused or withdrawn or treated as withdrawn under paragraph 333C of these Rules and any appeal relating to that claim is no longer pending, the decision maker will consider any further submissions and, if rejected, will then determine whether they amount to a fresh claim. The submissions will amount to a fresh claim if they are significantly different from the material that has previously been considered. The submissions will only be significantly different if the content:
    1. (i) had not already been considered; and
    2. (ii) taken together with the previously considered material, created a realistic prospect of success, notwithstanding its rejection. This paragraph does not apply to claims made overseas.
  2. 353A. Consideration of further submissions shall be subject to the procedures set out in these Rules. An applicant who has made further submissions shall not be removed before the Secretary of State has considered the submissions under paragraph 353 or otherwise.

Exceptional Circumstances

  1. 353B. Where further submissions have been made and the decision maker has established whether or not they amount to a fresh claim under paragraph 353 of these Rules, or in cases with no outstanding further submissions whose appeal rights have been exhausted and which are subject to a review, the decision maker will also have regard to the migrant’s:
    1. (i) character, conduct and associations including any criminal record and the nature of any offence of which the migrant concerned has been convicted;
    2. (ii) compliance with any conditions attached to any previous grant of leave to enter or remain and compliance with any conditions of temporary admission or immigration bail where applicable;
    3. (iii) length of time spent in the United Kingdom spent for reasons beyond the migrant’s control after the human rights or asylum claim has been submitted or refused;
  2. in deciding whether there are exceptional circumstances which mean that removal from the United Kingdom is no longer appropriate.
  3. This paragraph does not apply to submissions made overseas.
  4. This paragraph does not apply where the person is liable to deportation.