Become a Green Homes Grant installer

How to carry out work under the Green Homes Grant scheme if you are a tradesperson or business.

The Green Homes Grant scheme allows homeowners and residential landlords to apply for a voucher towards the cost of installing energy efficient improvements to their home.

Vouchers will cover either two-thirds of the cost of eligible improvements, up to a maximum government contribution of £5,000 or all costs up to £10,000 if the household is in receipt of certain benefits.

Improvements must be completed by 31 March 2022 when the scheme closes.

To carry out work under the scheme, you will need to be certified to install energy efficiency measures and register to take part in the scheme.

This guidance should be read alongside the Green Homes Grant guidance which provides general details about the scheme.

Carrying out work during coronavirus

Green Homes Grant installers can continue to work in people’s homes during the national lockdown. You must follow the COVID-19 Secure guidelines.


If you install energy efficiency measures, you must be certified to install measures against one of the following Publicly Available Specification (PAS) standards:

  • PAS 2030:2017
  • PAS 2030:2019
  • PAS 2035:2019 (for park homes, high rise buildings and buildings that are both traditionally constructed and protected)

You must be certified by a body that has been accredited by the United Kingdom Accreditation Service (UKAS).

If you install low carbon heat measures such as heat pumps, you must be certified with the Microgeneration Certification Scheme (MCS).

Only TrustMark-registered businesses can register to be a Green Homes Grant installer.

If at any point you lose your certification or your TrustMark approval you must notify the scheme administrator.


If you want to subcontract any part of the work involved in installing eligible improvements, this must be carried out in accordance with the relevant PAS or MCS requirement with regards to subcontracting.

As the primary installer you assume full responsibility for any subcontracted work.

The accreditation and subcontracting requirements and rules are the same across both the regular and low income parts of the scheme.

How to apply

  1. Register as a certified installer with TrustMark

    You will be added to a directory of certified installers, where homeowners can contact you to get a quote.

  2. Register to be a Green Homes Grant installer

    You will be asked to sign up to the Terms and Conditions of the scheme and provide your company’s payment details. You will need to register for each of the scheme’s measures that you are planning to install.

You must have received confirmation that your registration has been successful before you offer to carry out any work under the scheme.

You must not complete the customer’s application on their behalf. If a customer is having difficulty completing their application, you can advise them to contact the Green Homes Grant team.

Giving a quote

The price quoted should reflect the total costs of the installation including materials, labour and VAT. It should be your usual price and not be higher than the price you would have quoted if the installation was not being carried out under the scheme.

If you are providing a quote for additional work not covered under the scheme, this must be quoted for separately.

You should not commit to start any work until the customer’s application has been approved and they have been issued with a voucher.

If approved, the voucher will state your or your business’s name after the customer has selected you to carry out the work.

Vouchers cannot be used to help pay for works that were started or carried out before the voucher was issued.

You do not need to physically attend a customer’s home to provide a quote. You can do this remotely using a video call or detailed photos.

Doing the work

You can only begin work once the voucher has been issued to the customer. Any work that was started before that date cannot be claimed under the scheme.

You will be required to provide photographic evidence via a mobile app both before starting and after completing improvement works.

The work must be completed and the voucher redeemed by the customer before the expiry date of the voucher. Vouchers expire either after 3 months or on 31 March 2022, whichever is earlier.

Customers may be able to extend their vouchers under extenuating circumstances, as long as the scheme has not closed and the validity period of their voucher has not expired. However, applying for an extension does not guarantee it will be accepted.

After the work is completed

Once the work is completed, you must give the customer:

  • a dated copy of an invoice showing the supply and installation cost of measures. You must provide 1 invoice per measure
  • any certification for energy efficiency improvement measures
  • any claim of conformity or handover packs (in accordance with the relevant PAS)
  • any guarantee documents
  • an MCS certificate, an MCS compliance certificate and relevant manufacturer instructions (if you have installed a low carbon heating measure)
  • details of the Biomass Suppliers List (BSL) including instruction that all fuel used in the boiler should be purchased from the BSL (if you installed a biomass fuelled low carbon heating system)

You must ensure that you notify the relevant body of your installations according to the requirements of building regulations within 30 days of completing the work.


You can’t ask customers who are eligible for the low-income element of the scheme to provide a deposit unless the quote exceeds the £10,000 cap. Only the amount in excess of £10,000 will be eligible for a deposit.

You must provide the customer with an invoice within 14 days of completing the work. If you have carried out any additional work not covered under the scheme, this must be invoiced separately.

Where a customer contribution is required, the customer contribution is a condition of voucher eligibility. Accepting non-payment, paying this yourself or providing cashback to secure the work will make the voucher invalid.

The grant payment will be made directly to you by the scheme administrator. The vast majority of installers will receive the grant payment within 5 working days of the work being completed and the installer confirming they have been paid any customer contribution.

As the primary installer, you are responsible for making payment to any subcontractor.

Help and support

You can contact the Green Homes Grant team.

Published 28 August 2020
Last updated 4 January 2021 + show all updates
  1. Subcontractors no longer need to be registered with TrustMark or certified to Publicly Accessible Standards (PAS) or Microgeneration Certification Scheme (MCS) standards. The main contractor must still be registered with TrustMark and certified to PAS and MCS standards.

  2. The scheme has been extended by 1 year to 31 March 2022.

  3. Updated to clarify that Green Homes Grant installers can continue to work in people's homes under the National Restrictions from 5 November, and quote can be done virtually.

  4. We will start to issue vouchers to customers from early November 2020. After the work has been completed, most installers will get the grant payment within 5 working days.

  5. You can now register your business as a Green Homes Grant installer.

  6. First published.