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  1. MAA Regulatory Publications (MRP) amendment record sheet

  2. Regulatory Article (RA) 1124: Civil Aviation Authority oversight of military registered aircraft

  3. Regulatory Article (RA) 1150: airborne equipment and airborne forces regulations

  4. Regulatory Article (RA) 1205: air system safety cases

  5. Regulatory Article (RA) 1300: release to service (RTS)

  6. Regulatory Article (RA) 1360: release to service recommendations (RTSR) preparation and release to service (RTS) authorisation

  7. Table of contents: 2000 (FLY) regulatory articles

  8. Regulatory Article (RA) 1370: release to service (RTS) configuration control and audit trail

  9. Regulatory Article (RA) 1380: performance based navigation (PBN)

  10. Regulatory Article (RA) 1390: reduced vertical separation minimum (RVSM)

  11. Regulatory Article (RA) 1395: authorization to permit embarked aviation in Her Majesty’s/MOD ships

  12. Regulatory Article (RA) 1600: remotely piloted air systems (RPAS)

  13. Regulatory Article (RA) 2350: aircraft emergencies

  14. Regulatory Article (RA) 2355: static line and freefall parachuting, fast roping and abseiling

  15. Regulatory Article (RA) 2360: portable electronic devices (PED)

  16. Regulatory Article (RA) 2370: test and evaluation

  17. Regulatory Article (RA) 1123: certificate of usage for military registered civil owned aircraft

  18. Regulatory Article (RA) 1005: contracting with competent organisations

  19. Regulatory Article (RA) 1013: DE&S air systems operating centre director, provision of airworthy and safe systems

  20. Regulatory Article (RA) 1015: type airworthiness authority (TAA), airworthiness responsibilities

  21. Regulatory Article (RA) 1021: release to service authorities (RTSA) roles and responsibilities

  22. Regulatory Article (RA) 1024: accountable manager (military flying) (AM(MF))

  23. Regulatory Article (RA) 1121: air safety arrangements for military registration of civil owned aircraft not operated in the service environment

  24. Notice of authorised amendments (NAA) 2016 documents

  25. Notice of authorised amendments (NAA) reference table

  26. Foreword: 1000 series (GEN) regulatory articles

  27. Foreword: 2000 series (FLY) regulatory articles

  28. Foreword: 3000 series (ATM) regulatory articles

  29. Foreword: 4000 series (CAE) regulatory articles

  30. Foreword: 5000 series (TAE) regulatory articles

  31. Manual of military air traffic management (MMATM)

    • MOD and MAA
    • Regulation
    • Part of a collection: MAA manuals
  32. Manual of post crash management (MPCM)

    • MOD and MAA
    • Regulation
    • Part of a collection: MAA manuals
  33. MAA03: Military aviation authority (MAA) regulatory processes

  34. Regulatory Article (RA) 5000 series: type airworthiness engineering regulations (TAE)

  35. Regulatory Article (RA) 4000 series: continuing airworthiness engineering regulations (CAE)

  36. Regulatory Article (RA) 3000 series: air traffic management regulations (ATM)

  37. Regulatory Article (RA) 2000 series: flying regulations (FLY)

  38. Regulatory Article (RA) 1000 series: general regulations (GEN)

  39. Manual of aerodrome design and safeguarding (MADS)

    • MOD and MAA
    • Regulation
    • Part of a collection: MAA manuals
  40. Regulatory Article (RA) 1220: project team airworthiness and safety