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  1. UK House Price Index: data downloads January 2018

  2. UK House Price Index England: January 2018

  3. UK House Price Index Summary: January 2018

  4. UK House Price Index Wales: January 2018

  5. UK House Price Index Scotland: January 2018

  6. HM Land Registry's GPC: February 2018 return

  7. HM Land Registry: Islamic financing (PG69)

  8. Transfer under a chargee's power of sale (PG75)

  9. Easements (PG62)

  10. Leases: determination (PG26)

  11. Large-scale applications and calculation of fees (PG33)

  12. Requisition and cancellation procedures (PG50)

  13. Leases: when to register (PG25)

  14. First registrations (PG1)

  15. Transfer forms for complex transactions (PG21)

  16. The leasehold reform legislation (PG27)

  17. Extension of leases (PG28)

  18. Administration and receivership (PG36)

  19. Dispositions executed by Law of Property Act receivers (PG36a)

  20. Corporate insolvency (PG35)

  21. HM Land Registry: commercial services terms and conditions

  22. HM Land Registry: Local Land Charges Programme

    • HM Land Registry
    • Guidance
  23. Local Land Charges: Local authority pre-migration guide

    • HM Land Registry
    • Guidance
  24. Consultation on draft Local Land Charges Rules 2017

    • HM Land Registry
    • Consultation outcome
  25. Price Paid Data

  26. HM Land Registry's GPC: January 2018 return

  27. HM Land Registry's GPC: December 2017 return

  28. HM Land Registry's GPC: November 2017 return

  29. Registration of legal charges and deeds of variation of charge (PG29)

  30. HM Land Registry workforce management information: January 2018

  31. UK House Price Index

  32. UK House Price Index: data downloads December 2017

  33. UK House Price Index England: December 2017

  34. UK House Price Index Summary: December 2017

  35. UK House Price Index Wales: December 2017

  36. UK House Price Index Scotland: December 2017

  37. Overseas companies and limited liability partnerships (PG78)

  38. Land Registration Act 2002: Schedule 2

    • HM Land Registry
    • Guidance
  39. Change of gender (CNG)

  40. HM Land Registry people survey 2017

    • HM Land Registry
    • Corporate report